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Monday, June 05, 2006


No "Free Rides" for Republican Incumbents This Year

Republican incompetence and malfeasance on the federal level is taking a toll on state level republicans.

Every state is different. Each has it's own issues which have mixed with a general sense of outrage over republican mismanagement. For us it is the insider state legislature that wants to do our business in the dark of night behind closed doors, protecting every republican incumbent by hook or by crook.

For South Dakota it is the most extreme abortion law passed by any state legislature in the country. The issues are different, but when you combine them with the general feeling in the country that republicans simply can not govern - we end up with something in common. Record numbers of Dem challengers:

By 4/06, SD Dems found more than 100 candidates vying for 91 seats in the state legislature - a ten year high for the state party. - via hotline

By the filing deadline, I'm sure I will be able to write something similar for Delaware.

Say it with me, No "safe" seats. Not now, not ever.

Yep Bush screwed up the country and Minner scewed up Delaware a little Mickey Mouse state with less the 1 million people. 2008 we get rid of all the bums and bumettes.

Jason , I don't care what the other bloggers say about you, keep stiring the politcal pot ! The D's , R's & I's need to get their asses in gear !
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