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Saturday, June 17, 2006


Michael Castle Does Not Have the Required Experience to Represent Delaware in the United States Congress

That's right. Castle needs some experience.

What am I talking about? Castle has been in Congress since 1993, prior to that he was the governor and prior to that he was a state legislator.

That is exactly what I am talking about. Michael Castle has been living in the upholstered cocoon of elected office since 1966!!

1966 people, think about it. Forty years have passed since Castle has had a serious real world concern. No wonder he is so out of touch. No wonder he makes all the wrong decisions when it comes to representing real Delawareans with real problems. No wonder he rolls over for George Bush when he should fight for us, and no wonder he is so oblivious about it all.

Michael Castle's frame of reference is a time when a gallon of gas cost 32 cents. (Which I think explains why he is so obssessed with quarters. He thinks they are worth real money.)

Ask yourself, what has happened in your life since 1966? Have you had to keep a shitty job because you did not want to lose the health insurance? Michael Castle hasn't. He's had all that covered by you and me for 40 years.

Have you had to figure out what bills to pay and which to try and stretch for a week longer? Michael Castle hasn't. After 40 years living in the country club of elected office, Castle has nothing in common with you and me.

Lyndon Johnson was the President when Castle stopped having the same worries as you and me. The bottom line is Michael Castle is seriously lacking in experience.

I remember when Castle was a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Subcommittee for Technical and Tactical Intelligence and needed to talk to him about a fairly pressing issue, as I have an actual background in that area. Admittedly, the venue I caught him in did not really lend itself to and serious discussion, but I became increasingly concerned, then slightly pissed that he didn't have a clue in regards to what I was talking about. Guess the same hold true for many of "accomplishments."
Couldn't the same be said of Joe Biden, who's served since the early 70s? Or is that inconvenient because he's a Democrat?? ;-)
mike m -

Not inconvenient, just not within my area of interest.

I knew somebody was going to mention Biden, and you are right the same can be said about Biden - but I'll leave that line of argument to the republicans. And anyway, it does not change the fact that Castle has not had a real world concern since 1966.
Yeah, Biden has basically NO experience outside of government. And I am a Castle supporter, but I will not argue this line of criticism. I will say that I believe Castle had a private law practice up until he was elected LG in 1980. So your argument should say 26 years, not 40.
So, since 1980 has your highly paid banking or tech job been outsourced to India?

Michael Castle's hasn't.
No, I am a Democrat and I will argue that Joe Biden is suffering from beltway blindness. His remarks in New Hampshire show his loyalty is to power not to people. His vote on the Iraq war was an utter disgrace, a failure of the highest order, and shows he is not qualified to be a Senator let alone President. When the chips were down, he failed his own high-standard of protecting national security.

Also, according to the NJ "Biden also criticized Democrats for their sometimes patronizing approach to religion". This is just a repetition of a Rethuglican talking point that has NO basis in fact. With Democrats like Biden, who needs Repthuglicans? Delaware needs some Ned Lamonts to challenge Biden and Carper - both of whom are complicit in one of our nation's biggest, deadliest, and costliest mistakes - the Iraq war.
No argument from me on any of that. However, I think we should take care of the republicans who wrecking the country first.

You can wait for a Lamont-ian savoir to rise from these streets, or you can get to work.
One term limits for all Congressional offices. One term for President as well. The propensity towards cronyism and corruption is directly proportional to your time in DC.
Your cure worse than the disease.

That term limit plan puts power in the hands of shadowy unacountable insiders.

We have term limits, they are called elections. Public financing and transparency, that is the thing.
Gerrymandering has made elections a lock for the incumbents. We're getting to the point that someone has to die for a party to lose a seat. Transparency is much murkier since the advent of 527's. Public financing is ugly. It leasts to absurd candidacies like Al Sharpton.

If election = term limits and term limits = power in the hands of shadowy insiders then; elections = power in the hands of shadowy insiders!
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