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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


The lone black DE GOPer makes it onto the Colbert Report

Jennifer Brooks has the back story:

The comedian and ersatz conservative pundit has launched a nationwide campaign to find a "new black friend" to replace his former friend, Allan, who was spotted at an anti-war protest.

"It's one thing to express your views. It's another thing for those views to differ from mine," said a disappointed Colbert.

Offers of friendship have been pouring in, including this one:

"In third grade gym class I made it my personal crusade to throw as many balls as I could at Sen. Joe Biden's daughter," one anonymous candidate wrote this week.

"Bravo, sir," Colbert replied.

If anyone can identify the dodgeballer, the clip is available online at: Comedy Central Click on "Search for a new black friend" on the second page.

This should be a snap to figure out. In every DE GOP photo gallery there is always a picture of the same black guy. Be the first to ID him and win a copy of The Indispensable Noam Chomsky.

This goes to show how sick and hateful Republicans can be. Joe Biden's oldest daughter died in a car crash in 1972.
I have to think that the dodgeballer was talking about Biden's other daughter.

Nevertheless, you've taken the fun right out of this...and that is probably a good thing.
Instead of trying to find this guy, why don't you find Dennis Spivack?
What, no witty retort?
I know I make it look easy, but sometimes the witty retorts take a few days.
maybe he ment Joe's daughter Beau.
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