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Monday, June 12, 2006


Jack Markell "gets it"

With all of the coverage of the DE GOP implosion, the convention of the Delaware Democrats got glossed over.

Dems like ’06 chances: Party faithful hold convention in Dover

By Joe Rogalsky, Delaware State News

DOVER — Delaware Democrats gathered for their state convention at Wesley College on Friday night, bolstered by their winning records in recent statewide elections, an advantage in voter registration and public dislike for Republicans on a national level.

“Across the country, Republicans are on the ropes," said state Treasurer Jack Markell, who is unopposed so far in his quest for a third term.

"The people are ready to cast out the other party in November, but let'’s seal the deal with our hard work."

Damn right. We can't go around thinking that the Republicans are going to dissolve thier party. (Even though all the objective evidence says that they should.)

Honestly -- What the hell does Jack Markell know about elective politics? He's never had a real opponent and he holds an insignificant office that should be constitutionally abolished. 2/3 of the Treasurer's responsibilities are duplicated elsewhere in the Administration.

(By the way -- I thought you hated the DLC guys?)
He knows how to scare away opponents for one thing.

Anyway, even a DLC type can "get it" once in a while.

And, having heard Markell on more than a few occasions, I know he is no "Carper DLC type".
I wouldn't say he "scares away opponents." I would say no one wants to take on a self-funder incumbent for an insignificant seat.
Oh my, deconstructing DLC types!!!
Where does Coons fall here with you, Jason? Minner?
And, having heard Markell on more than a few occasions, I know he is no "Carper DLC type".

How do yo know, when he doesn't do anything but pay the bills? That's a lot of faith to put in a guy who wants to be the next terrible Democratic Governor.
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