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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


IT IS THE ECONOMY STUPID ! Castle has got to go!

(Dow Jones Industrials vs. Haliburton click image to enlarge)

Republicans are killing our economy. Yes, it is that simple.

Stocks are back to where they started when Bush took over, interest rates are heading up, and right-wing nut cases are still clamoring for more tax cuts. Who makes money in this type of situation? Michael Castle and his rich buddies up in Centerville and Hockessin, that's who.

Even working class republicans agree that Bush/Castle economic policies are helping out a very small minority of super wealthy people. The middle class is getting hammered by rising prices and stagnant wages. All Voters, regardless of party affiliation, have have a very simple choice; do they want to endorse the "more of the same" approach Mike Castle's out of control, economy killing style mismangment? Or do they want to get this country moving again with the kind of reality based style management endorsed by Dennis Spivack ?

My favorite Halliburton sticking point is that they (with many other corps) faced asbestos class action settlements to which they put their first monies collected under the rebuild Iraq no-bid contracts.
Yes, as many companies went beely-up over asbestos-related sickness culpability, Halliburton was miraculously able to pull together a sufficient "trust fund" to handle the judgements against them....just sayin', Cheney, just sayin'.
Do you want to see what happened to the stock market in the hours after the estate tax repeal failed?

You crack me up. It was not all the debt, the war, oil supply uncertainty, or the interest rates.... NO! It was the WALTON clan off shoring it's assets.

The vote was at 11:15 AM. At that time the Dow was at 10900. By noon, it was down to 10750. You explain it.

The markets are "reality based". People can say that Bush is wearing clothes until they are blue in the face. That is not going to stop his ass from getting sunburned.

The Dow was at 10,600 when he took the oath of office. He'll be lucky if it is above that when he retires to Crawford.
Yeah, and that whole planes-into-buildings thing sure boosted the Dow. Oh yeah, but that was Bush's fault, too.

I forgot.
Did you and the other Kos idiots put on your special tin foil hats today? Yea, I thought so.
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