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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I guess Carper voted for burning the flag...

based on this comment over at MYDD

(Carper's vote) is one of the only reasons Sen. Carper has my vote.

Being he voted for:

-Medicare part D 55-45
-Cloture on Alito
-Bankruptcy Bill however that's worth a lot of campaign cash from bankruptcy lawyers and credit card companies.

Anyway he just got my vote in the general. While a primary is unlikely and career sucside for almost any politician in DE. Also we democrats still have 4 seats that don't have anyone running. 2 New Castle County Council, 1 that of State Majority Leader Smith whom I would love to work against and Corrupt and Incompetent State Auditor Tom Wagner.

Anyway Sen. Tom Carper just earned my vote.

I guess Ting now gets to talk about how Carper hates America and Crossan can put up a website with Carper's head photshopped onto a Calvin sticker with a stream of urine...

Well, you get the idea.

He's voted like this since he was our Congressmen. Sen. Carper is a vietnam veteran who respects the constitution and fought for our flag. The Anti-Constition Republicans were one vote away from limiting our rights as americans. Not that I know anyone who thinks burning the flag is a good idea.
I need to get 3 and a half hours sleep before work and you need to advocate for our congressional candidate Dennis Spivack being it's one day till the FEC 2nd Quarter filling deadline.

Also if you could find a candidate for State Auditor I'ld quit my job to work on that campaign. It'll happen probably on Ruth Ann's Day at the Fair.
joshua -

Welcome to Delawareliberal. I'm glad Carper voted against this Republican PR stunt. He'll have a few more chances bewteen now and the elction.

Abortion, the 10 Comandments & gun controll are all on the election year agenda.

You mentioned the auditor's race over at MYDD - if you want to write up a guest post about it, email it to me at
delawareliberal(at) and I'll put it up.
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