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Friday, June 23, 2006


HB 10 Question

I have a question for the I's and GP's who are so fired up about protecting their right to cheat.

If I'm planning on challenging the Rep in my district who happens to be an R - what would stop me from gaming the system by running against him/her in a primary as an Independent and then again in the general election as a Dem?

$795 filing fee will keep most riff raff off the ballot. You are rif raff, aren't you?
I could cash in my 401k and have a couple grand left over to spend on yard signs.
You cannot run in a Republican primary if you are registered as an Independent. Ditto for the Dems. The "fusion" candidates have all switched their registrations to "D" so they can run in "D" primaries. Then they can run as "I's" in November under DE law, even though though they will still be registered "D's". They are just taking a swipe at the Dems, since they have no chance of winning the primary.

We know from our own experience that the "Ds" run a big tent and everyone is welcome, if they are willing to work and help the party. But the "fusion" folks don't want to work, or help, just walk in and have the party faithful worship at their feet. Phooey! That ain't right or fair.

Besides, if they really are "Ds" and deserve to run in our primary what kind of "D" values do they have that makes it okay to run as an "I" in November? It's Joementum "bush league" crap. No pun intended.

This has nothing to do with values or party platforms and everything to do with political opportunism.
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