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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Happy Harry's Employees Should be Happy

They just caught a huge break.

Read Good to Great if you want to know about Walgreens.

Walgreens is why I morphed into a political animal!

They were perfectly happy to invade the DE Pharma-world by applying to demolish the Middleton-Brooks house in historic Glasgow to put in a drive through drug store.

Throngs of folks came to the county Historic Review Board meetings and Walgreens simply never showed up and then withdrew their plans.

Their advance to this area will be accomplished in this corporate we know why Alan Levine decided to build so many crappy little strip malls that his store could anchor: to make the sell-out attractive to the big corps.
I had the feeling that it (building so many crappy little strip malls) was part of a sell out strategy. I hate the ugly looking thing at the end of my street. I hope Walgreens fixes it, although I doubt it.

Still, the company is well run and the employees (they keep) should do well.
Alan Levin is not stupid. He knows what makes money! Selling out to the big boys is what every small business owner aspires to. These mergers and super stores are making me rather nervous. After all the mom & pop enterprises are bought or run out of town do you think we will eventually be paying a lot more for goods and services. I like free enterprise but it's starting to scare me. REALLY!
Good, lets all wake up and get GOOD PEOPLE to represent us and dump the whores we have now.
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