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Monday, June 05, 2006


Ferris Wharton Shreds His Reputation With First Radio Ad

I just heard the Ferris Wharton ad on WDEL. I've heard of candidates taking the low road, but Ferris (or probably the evil morons who are running his campaign) started out on the low road and brought in excavating equipment to create an even lower road.

The ad has all the classic hallmarks of a republican smear job. The ominous music. The very concerned sounding announcer. The half-truths presented with deadly earnestness.

BUT this ad even went farther. This is when they brought in the excavating equipment.

In this ad we find out that some republican dirty trick artists have introduced legislation that would prevent Beau Biden from serving as AG if elected. How crazy is that? Republicans, at long last have you no shame?

If Wharton picked the people who wrote this ad, he clearly does not have the judgment or discernment required to be AG. If he was saddled with these evil morons by the GOP - he needs to start sending out pink slips.

Beau, just keep smiling and talk about justice for the little guy. You'll do fine - the Republicans are busy going negative and alienating themselves even further from the voters.

Now hit the books and start prepping for your debate; you can make Ferris look like a soulless technocrat with no life.
The ad was a Delaware GOP ad, not a Wharton ad.
Also, Mr. MSM, I understand that at least 3 Democrats have signed onto the legislation as cosponsors. That's a pretty strong statement. I'd LOVE to hear what you have to say about that.

As far as the ad is concerned, I didn't much like it either, but because voters won't take the time to educate themselves about the race, somebody needs to raise the awareness of the experience issue. They could have done it better, but they never have been very talented at campaigning at GOP HQ.
I was interested to get an e-mail from (Coastal Conservative) Jud Bennett criticising the ad as well. He's no Beau supporter, but he was honest enough to slam the ad for the foolishness it is.
somebody needs to raise the awareness of the experience issue.

Oh? there's an experience issue? I hadn't heard anything about it. Why aren't the bloggers all over this one?
The ad was a Delaware GOP ad, not a Wharton ad.

St. Ferris is still clean. (sort of)

I understand that at least 3 Democrats have signed onto the legislation as cosponsors.

3 Democrats have provided "bipartisan" cover for this PR stunt?

The statement is, we have some dixiecrats who need to start thinking about playing more golf and "spending more time with the family".

But we knew that already.
I can't find the bill, but it is my understanding that it's not the typical dixiecrat crew.
Actually Jason, the three Democrats are Senator Blevins, Senator Peterson, and Rep. Ennis. Also DT and Jason, these Dems have signed onto Rep. Hudson's HB 402, which only seeks to make it a requirement that the AG live in Delaware. I think it is Senator Bonini's Senate Amendment 1 to HB 402 that would require the AG practice law in Delaware for at least 5 years. I don't think that this has been introduced yet, so I know which Dems (if any) have signed on.
So when Wharton's ad says something to the effect that legislation is pending that would make Biden ineligible to serve as AG, they are flat out lying.

Way to kick off a campaign !!!
Not only that Jason, but this is a constitutional amendment, and as Paul Smith pointed out on Politakid's blog, constitutional amendments in DE must pass in two successive General Assemblies (meaning this one, the 143rd, and the 144th). Thus, it could NEVER affect Beau Biden.
it could NEVER affect Beau Biden.

Wrong... it already has affected him (as intended). It just can't APPLY to him.
I apologize for my poor choice of grammar. You are correct; it could never apply to him.
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