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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


The Ferris Follies

It is driving the DE GOP (and Dana Garrett) insane that Ferris Wharton is going to have his ass handed to him by Beau Biden.

They keep shouting "experience" and a new video have a slick web site - but the Wharton/Crossan screw-ups just keep comming. Today we learn that Wharton's campaign will pay $100 in fines -- or $25 for each of four signs -- placed too close to the roadway along Shipley Road, Foulk Road, Marsh Road and Silverside Road, all in Brandywine Hundred in northern New Castle County.

As Celia Cohen puts it:

On the day Ferris W. Wharton premiered a video promoting his experience as a criminal prosecutor, his campaign acknowledged it has run a bit afoul of the civil side of the law.(snip)

As violations go, this one probably competes for severity with overstaying at a parking meter, but it is a more noteworthy blemish for a candidate running on his mastery of the law. In fact, the new video on Wharton's Web site at is titled "Accomplished."

As far as Biden supporters go, Crossan has to be (intentional) at the top of the list. Not only does he continue to attack Wharotn's image, which is the only thing Wharton has going for him, but he has yet to give Wharton supporters anything substantive to say about the guy.

So to fill the void, Wharton supporters like Dana Garrett, are put in the uncomfortable position of trying to come up with ever more hyperbolic praise for St. Ferris. Given all of this, I feel it is my duty to help out the Ferris-ites by cross posting some of the over-the-top Ferris praise that got buried over at Delawarewatch.

1) Ferris is super-strong. Ferris dug the Erie canal in one day. ...with a soup spoon.

2) Ferris is above petty human concerns. Ferris has transcended the world of birth and death into which he was born.

3) Ferris is a killer in the courtroom. Ferris once beat The Devil himself in the case of The Devil vs. Jabez Stone. And he beat old scratch even after The Devil selected an impossible jury. Ever since that case the devil has not been allowed in Sussex County. You can look it up.

Dude, I hate to say it but your comments sound like really desparate whistling past the graveyard, and I have no axe to grind either way. If you are so sure of Wharton being beaten by Biden, why bother ranting and raving about it? Either you are right, or you aren't. If you really believe you are right you are not doing a very good job convincing me of it since, as old Bill Shakes once wrote, : 'methinks the lady doth protest too much."
Well, I have to say - you make a good point.

But the Biden hatred from the other side is at such a fever pitch that I guess I can't help being swept up into the tit-for-tattyness of it to some extent.

Plus that Rove wannabe Crossan. If this Ferris debacle takes him down that would be sweet.
Well I have to agree with you...any Rove clones, anywhere, any time need a brutal thrashing.

But as a Dem would you rather have them around, since they certainly mobilize your ranks, or would you rather they disappear as you seem to wish for Crossman?

They are scum either way ..... but do you despise them because they are scum .... or because they seem to be able to pull out a win every time and keep hanging around like a sticky fart that keeps getting stinkier and more than you ever imagined?

Personally I want them out no matter who wins or what it takes...but not if it means electing something even worse than they a monarchy.
It is a dilema.
I would vote for just about any primary opponent to Joe Biden. I hold my nose and vote for him in the general just to maintain Dem numbers in the Senate. And I know really next to nothing about Beau.

Even so, I am still considering voting for Wharton based on the competence argument - but his campaign just reminded me all over again of everything I hate about Republicans.
Your comments proves the value of Crossan style smear campaigns. I hope heis not reading this thread.
I made up my mind. I'm going to vote for Ferris Wharton. Even the mighty Bo Biden could'nt whoop Beelzebub, lord of darkness.
Jason - I asked this upcoming question to Liz Allen and never got a response. Of course I was really pointing out that she professes hate all over anyone or anything that disagrees with her opinion. At least you don't do that. I acknowledge that you are a professed loyal-lib, but I need to know, as I am someone who still has yet in my life to vote straight-ticket (if I ever do, then that means one side has really f'ed up something). Here's the question...if a republican is pretty much the same as the "second-coming" and has guaranteed through undeniable example that he/she will deliver everything that will be good for all, would you still vote for the opponent soley because my described candidate is a republican? Have you ever voted for a repub, or at least a non-dem? I am hoping you will say at the very least you have voted non-dem, but I won't disparage you for whatever answer you have. However you vote is your right. I am simply curious so I can guage your site and your blind-allegiance to Biden and smear of Wharton, as if he knew nothing of what he is running.

Thanks and Ciao.

P.S.: If you recall from Dana's site over the last few weeks, my rants about my own party still stand firm. I am anti-Crossan, well almost everyone in that office. I'm not a happy camper over here, just to give you an idea of my mindset.
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