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Monday, June 05, 2006


Delaware GOP reveals its Wharton vs. Biden Strategery

"WAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" - Delathought

"Now compare Biden’s experience with someone has a passion for this line of work: Wharton has been a member of the Delaware Bar for 27 years." - delawarewatch

oooohhhhh..... 27 years. Golly.

The whole case for Wharton comes down to one thing: Biden is younger.

By GOP logic, the ancient and dried out remains of Bill Roth should be President of the freaking United States. The GOP's lame strategy has forced me to change my prediction: Biden 58% Wharton 41%

How does me publishing someone else's press release become "Waaaahhh?"
I was refering to the press release with the Wahhh!
DE GOPers mis-fire, AGAIN!!!
Jason, your glaring non-response to this thread (versus Delaware Watch) speaks volumes about your delusional flailing.

Aside from me, when you and DT are two of only three responders and without a slightest rational comment...maybe you need to take a break and a sedative.

Biden is going to lose this one and it will not be about age.

It is sad to see you, a Democrat, defending a corporate-shill family dynasty you happen to be stuck with until we are all rid of them for good.

You should focus on the good Dems and help the ones who deserve it by EARNING it.
I'm impressed with your site, very nice graphics!
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