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Thursday, June 08, 2006


DE GOP Tries to Cover its ass

The Delaware GOP gave itself an exploding cigar in the form of the lame PR stunt coupled with the Wharton attack ad. Now Strine is trying to pretened that he wanted that ringing in his ears and all that soot on his face. This reverse engineered email is what passes for "crisis managment" for the Delaware GOP:

Strengthening Delaware's Weak Requirements for Attorney General: The Facts.

-- Delaware's Attorney General has more power than most Attorneys General, but the minimum requirements are among the weakest in the Nation. (Full statewide prosecution authority plus civil, consumer and appellate responsibilities)

-- Maryland required their Attorney General be a member of their Bar for 10 years, Pennsylvania 10 years, Virginia 5 years. (Virginia Constitution Article V section 15, Maryland Constitution Article V section 4, Pennsylvania Constitution Article IV, section 3)

It goes on, but never mentions either Wharton or Biden. It is as if the DE GOP is saying, This had nothing whatsoever to do with Biden....honest. You believe me right?

Between this on the local level and the gay marriage ban (which the congress is going to take up again) on the national level I'm getting the feeling that republicans think legislation can only serve one purpose - to help elect more republicans.

Man, I would like to be a fly on the wall when Wharton calls up and chews out the GOP operative who convinced him to run..."Sure Ferris, the party will support you with advertising..."
Q. What is the difference between the DE GOP and Iraq?

A. In Iraq Ferris would be a little less likely to get BOTH of his feet shot off.
"A. In Iraq Ferris would be a little less likely to get BOTH of his feet shot off."

Jason , that's a little cold hearted because there are guys and girls coming home from Iraq with missing feet.

So for our heros who lost limbs in Iraq:
Q. What is the Difference between Beau living in the U.S. and Iraq?

A. None, Beau blows either way!

Join us queer bait leave you boots home because you won't need them for your return trip.
I support the measure to increase the requirements for AG. However, I'd like to see them instituted after the next election. If Biden gets elected, he gets grandfathered in. Anything else is political hackery.
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