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Sunday, June 11, 2006


David A Crossan's crazy Biden hatred derails Wharton and (maybe) the whole stinking DE GOP

First of all, read Dana's whole post about hateful, stupid David A Crossan and how he is killing the DE GOP with his insane anti-Biden jihad.

Now here it is:

1) The Rove/Bush administrration created Dave Crossan and hundreds like him around the country. They made it okay to put hate front and center in the GOP - and for people like Crossan, the more you hated, the better things went (for a while). So instead of building the party, Crossan and his ilk spent the last few years dreaming up stupid politcal stunts like the "Howard Dean Scream Constest" at the state fair.

2) By selling its soul to Rove/Bush style hatred based governance the DE GOP has put itself in a classic lose/lose situation. As Dt points out in the Delawarewatch thread - if Wharton squeaks out a victory it will validate the useless Strine/Crossan (mal)adminstration. If Wharton loses republican activists will have a chance to rebuild - but Delaware republicans will be looking at years in the wilderness either way.

Still, Wharton gets some of the blame. If he can't control a punk like Crossan, I'm not filled with warm fuzzies at the idea of him calling the shots at the Delaware Department of Justice.
Good point. Wharton has some explaining to do.
Two more Crossan tidbits:

1. Crossan couldn't (and didn't) do it alone... the domain is registered to Ken Grant (yes, THAT Ken Grant).

2. (in October '03)
Protesters took to the streets of Wilmington and Dover on Monday to demand better health care for state prison inmates... Dave Crossan was seen positioning two protesters in front of the cameras. He later took a sign from one of the protesters that read "Governor Where Are You???" and gave it to another protester so it could be front and center. (link)
You guys are nucking futs. Hate? Isn't that a little strong? You want hate? Go here.

No, I'm not crazy about the whole DE GOP situation, but I'm not going to let you all capitalize on it and make it sound worse than it is. What it is is this: a very disorganized situation with little oversight and lots of organizational mistakes and misplaced priorities.

As far as Wharton is concerned, I'm fairly certain he signed off on the ads, and I don't think that was necessarily a bad thing.
Dt - Did you miss the part about Crossan wanting to eradicate Bidens from Delaware?

These guys have a track record. The Wharton radio spot was not an abberation.
...nor was it an aberation.
Is the prison healthcare march not Oct. 05? good link though.
DT is a wonk, no?
You have to be kidding me if you think Dave Crossan was behind this whole thing. Have we forgotten about Bill Lee's attacks on Minner during his campaign. This is Politics people, not charity. Negative Ads work and will continue to show up. Mr. Crossan wasn't the mastermind. As far as Mr. Lee is concerned, he lost his chance, he should just go away.
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