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Friday, June 23, 2006


Costa Rica to Bush: Pare mentir acerca de nosotros.

Viva Costa Rica!

Costa Rica wants the US to stop impugning their national character by continuing to repeat the lie that they support Bush's vanity war on Iraq.

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica -- Costa Rica wants its name erased from the list of countries supporting the invasion of Iraq. But the United States says that's not possible.

If Costa Rica does not watch out, Cheney is going to go all William Walker on them.
They are pacifists (I just learned) so Cheney could do some damage.
They are NOT pacifists, Jason. They abolished their army as you discovered, to funnel the funds into education and healthcare. This does not equate to pacifism. It's actually a successful policy that makes the Garrett's of the world see red ("Huh? A capitalist democratic state w/universal healthcare and education??") so much so that they feel the need to wildly inflate isolated incidents that occur in the country so as to label it a "terror" state that has "death squads that were responsible for the mass killings and disappearances twenty years ago of peasants, trade unionists, human rights activists, leftists, just about anyone suspected of not toeing the government’s line."
What I don;t know about CR could fill a book. What I do know about it is that they want Bush to stop lying about them - and you have to like that.
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