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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


The Conventional Wisdom on St. Ferris

Two inside-baseball hacks give us the prevailing CW:

Wharton is a good guy, dogged by GOP incompetence.

Celia Cohen: They (rank and file R's) think the best thing that Ferris W. Wharton, their candidate, has going is his contrasting background of a 26-year history as a prosecutor.... (but they have) a range of objections to the radio spot itself, such as: It leaves a mistaken impression that Biden's candidacy can be stopped with legislation

Ron Williams: State Republicans continue on their misguided path in the attorney general's race against Beau Biden. Last week, a snooty Web site challenged Biden's experience. This week there's a move in the Legislature to require that AG candidates have five years of Delaware bar membership. (Biden has four.) Does anyone in the GOP remember their guy Ferris Wharton?

Welcome to politics in 2006. Issues...? What issues?

Time to turn it around on the whole GOP and their misguided Beau bill:

"Look at the Republicans in the legislature, up to their old tricks of negativity. All they care about is partisan politics! Throw 'em out; vote Democrat in November."

Go ahead, try arguing that Dems signed onto the bill, that it doesn't affect Beau... Please, parse it, split hairs and get defensive - voters love that!

Hey guys, thanks for the ammo!
Well, if they keep this up I'm going all Karl Rove on their strongest points for Wharton.

Experience? if half my experience was working under Jane Brady I wouldn't be so quick to brag about it. She is not exactly popular in Delaware for good reason - and that was BEFORE the judgeship deal. Democrats should tie Brady around Wharton's neck. I bet insiders can come up with more facts to make that stick.

Integrity? When has Wharton ever been in a position to have his integrity tested? He has been working for others who assigned him to cases and took all the heat for issues of integrity. Wharton's integrity is a blank slate. We won't know where he stands until he is in a position to decide on prosecutions of corporate and political malfeasance in Delaware.

Beau is callow? Cool, please keep lowering expectations for Beau. When the debate comes all Beau has to do is show up without a pacifier and baby rattle, behave like an intelligent lawyer and act like a human being, and he wins. Wharton's experience is a mile deep and an inch wide. Wharton is stuck in the GOP mode of "protect our families." But if Beau is smart he will not echo that line, but instead will talk about justice for the little guy and making sure everybody can have their day in court, even against the big shots. The subtext of all this of course is the GOP antipathy to class-action lawsuits.

Family? Will somebody please tell me how you get to be named "Ferris" and "Wharton?" Or are they going to make me do the historical research and go through dusty downstate records of births, marriages, and deeds?
A negative attack that lacks credibility tends to rebound against the attacker. As more voters learn about Beau Biden's professional background, they will be turned off by the claim that he isn't professionally qualified.

The vehemence of the attack on Beau Biden makes it harder for Wharton to portray himself as a career public servant, who has kept himself above the political fray.

Either Wharton signed off on the negative strategy or he is allowing himself to be handled by anomynous political attack dogs.
Good point. If Wharton can't handle a political campaign - how is he going to handle the AG's office?

Like I said in the prior post, If Wharton picked the people who wrote this ad, he clearly does not have the judgment or discernment required to be AG.

If he was saddled with these evil morons by the GOP - he needs to start sending out pink slips.
Good point. If Wharton can't handle a political campaign - how is he going to handle the AG's office?

Oh, come on now. That's like saying if he can't control the actions of others, he can't be AG. Extend that out, and that's like saying Danberg is a bad AG because people still commit crime.

You have enough to play off of with the state GOP's mistake to try and reach this far.
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