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Thursday, June 15, 2006


Cleaning up machine politics in Delaware

The fact that three term Senator, Joe Lieberman is going to lose a Democratic primary and run as an Independent tells me something. It tells me that progressive democrats are getting their shit together.

My question is, if they can do it in CT, why can't we do it here?

Here is MYDD's Matt Stoller on the Connecticut machine:

Connecticut is a machine Democratic state, part of the band of coastal states from Maryland to Massachusetts that are dominated by a closed political apparatus and an expensive media market. The other states in this band are Delaware, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania. Blue state politicians in this band are usually local politicians who made good through the machine. Chuck Schumer, Joseph Lieberman, Joe Biden, and Tom Carper are blue state Senators who are fairly conservative and fit into this mold. While this area is a reliably Democratic region in Presidential races, Governor seats are as likely to be held by Republicans as Democrats. New York State, New York City, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut all have Republican executives. What this means is that the politicians that are coming through the party apparatus, while skilled at managing relationships with entrenched constituency groups, are by and large not that appealing to their electorates at large. Voters, while pulling the lever for Democrats for President, are very willing to cross party lines because of what they see as incompetent Democratic office-holders.

State level inefficiency in our base region is a serious problem, because it hinders the Democratic Party from developing a progressive bench for higher office, and from showing models for progressive governance. On a state level, the Democratic machines aren't even close to being progressive, though many fine individuals within them are. Any of you MyDDers who are in these areas and have had interactions with these local machines will know what I'm talking about.

Chuck Schumer, Joseph Lieberman, Joe Biden, and Tom Carper are blue state Senators who are fairly conservative and fit into this mold

Schumer & Biden??? I guess I have to ask my standard question -- Have you seen Matt Stoller's mind? He's clearly lost it.
Yes Biden. The thing he has in common with Schumer is that they both have pledged to support Lieberman when he loses the Dem primary.

Biden also said that he could see running with McCain on a national unity ticket. That is pretty conservative.
Have you checked your delawareliberal email, J?
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