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Monday, June 05, 2006


Breaking News: Jerry Fulcher is an Idiot

This guy plays "the liberal" in a little punch and judy show on WDEL with Rick "don't touch the hair" Jensen. It seems Fulcher attacked the progressive Democrats for Delaware on the air for running candidates against "good" Republicans.

Give me a freaking break. First of all, it is called Democracy Fulcher! If you don't like it go live in China baby!!

Secondly, who are these so-called "good" republicans? They voted for Bush, didn't they? They got us into this war, didn't they? They are demolishing the constitution and wrecking the economy of this country with their out of control pork barrel spending.

Show me a "good" Republican and I'll show you a talented liar.

You are so naive. Fulcher's girlfriend is a "good" republican.
If you are talking about Cathy Cloutier, I'm about to go "Woodward and Berstein" on this.
I'm not a good Republican, but I'm a good Republican!
I get the feeling you consider yourself an American first and a Republican second.

That is swimming against the current and makes you okay (for the most part) in my book.
Nice colors. Keep up the good work. thnx!
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