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Monday, June 12, 2006


BREAKING "Crazy-ass" Crossan Not Demoted & Strine to continue his impotent management of DE GOP

Good news for Delaware Democrats.

Delathought reports that David A "Crazy-ass" Crossan will continue to go off half cocked as the ED of the DE GOP with no limits when it comes to making bad choices and Strine will put up a fight for the chairmanship when the time comes.

Wharton-gate (c) is turning into a present that never stops giving.

"Dave Crossan has not been reassigned to anything -- he is the Executive Director of the Republican Party of Delaware and has not had a single word changed in his job description nor has any of his duties changed."

Awesome. Go for it Dave. They are giving you the green light.
After a decent interval, I predict that Mr. Strine will decide to spend some more time with his family and Mr. Crossan will get a better offer in Topeka.

The bottom line is, the word is out about these guys. Maybe Dana's source screwed it up, but you don't need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing.
Whartongate (c). You are a queer little man, aren't you? What in that "negative ad" was untruthful? That Biden milquetoast got tagged for what he is, a pretty boy with no crimefighting experience at all.
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