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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


BREAKING: BBC reports mass abduction at Baghdad factory

Taji Iraq: Gunmen have abducted at least 80 Iraqi factory workers from a fleet of buses just north of Baghdad, officials say. The abduction took place at a state-owned factory complex at Taji where dozens of insurgents commandeered buses taking employees home after work.

A source quoted by Reuters news agency said the number of those kidnapped was at least 100 and possibly many more.

Why don't they ever report the GOOD news from Iraq?

If we left now it would be chaos.
Isn't it already chaos? Besides, when we leave in 15 years it'll be chaos.
Bottom Line: Bush is the best thing that ever happened to Islamic radicals. They could not have dreamed up this adminstration.
That is why we must not keep allowing Bucheney to take the "lead". Rummy must go.
I wonder if congress can take steps to that end?
I'm waiting for that old chestnut "Bush = Hitler" to show up here. Jason, anyone, help me out here. Can I hear an Amen (except from DE ACLU)?
Sorry uncle V.

Hitler never pretended that Poland had WMD's.
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