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Saturday, June 10, 2006


Around the Horn Saturday

So....what have you folks been up to while I've been out of town?

Donviti asks in De la Whar who are the elitist now...bitches?

Mahaffie says blogs might make gub'mint more efficient. But you'll have to complain about your next door neigbor's ugly looking fence under your Christian name.

Making me feel better about not blogging since the 8th is Down with Absolutes.

Sebastian at First Slate is making me feel MUCH better about not blogging over the weekend. No udpates since May 8th.

Ryan (yet to enlist) at JTTR is doing his part for the war effort by blogging about military stuff. Very courageous Ryan. You are a regular Audie Murphy.

Delathought pines for the good old days when Dems would lay down and let republicans kick them in the head. Those days are gone Dt, stop living in the past.

Andrew at Spivackforcongress wonders what the GOP is thinking with this Gay marriage stuff. Maybe the RNC is trying to emulate the DE GOP ? Have you considered that Andrew?

Dana at Delawarewatch marks the end of an error. Tom Delay says "Adios".

Tommywonk sounds like me (if I was smarter and had a better way with words, and knew a bit about what I was commenting on...)
"The irony for Ferris Wharton, who reportedly approved the radio spots, is that he could end up looking like the clueless neophyte by allowing himself to be handled by a Karl Rove wannabe (Crossan)."

Hube at Rhodey if filling in on the sports beat while Sporlitics takes a breather. Hube, here is the good news: The Rams will get back to the superbowl befor the Eagles. The bad news is it will be Superbowl CXLII in the year 2178.

Have a good (rest of the) weekend. Peace Out.

"The end of an error"? Please tell me that was intentional and I will bow to you. After spoiling your subtlety like a completely noob.
Mike I was going to put it in italics - but I didnt want to be too showy.
We just took some time off because we figured that was the only way to get off the cursed "lib" list and onto the "snarky" list. You know, like that Slate character.
Done and done.

(sooner or later)
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