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Friday, June 30, 2006


Around the Horn Friday

Phew...what a week. I'm headed to Delawareliberal's southern HQ for a few days of Corona drinking so light posting until the 5th. What are you guys up to?

Jaime Anne takes the reigns at Down With Absolutes. If history is any idicator, Nancy Willing to commence spaz attack in 5, 4, 3, 2....

Sebastian at First Slate has been rocking the bloghouse this week. All that blog talent and his editorial cartoons are better drawn than the News Journal's.

Andrew at Spivackforcongress is conserving his blogstength.

Dana at Delawarewatch says "Something remarkable happened in the US Supreme Court yesterday. Five justices determined that the USA does have to abide by treaties it has entered into. " What Dana fails to understand is that the President is the decider.

Ryan (yet to enlist) at JTTR provides the quote of the weak "Those arrested include five American citizens, one illegal alien from Haiti, and one resident alien.... BUILD THE @#$% FENCE!

Karmic Jay asks us to explore "Harmony". The idea is simple: do something creative around the word (poetry, stories, pictures, whatever) and post it on your blog tomorrow.

Donviti:This (SCOTUS decision) seems sensible. Pissed off Patricia: Of course it's sensible, and that's why the administration will continue to fight it.

Mahaffie says that his blog template was corrupted. I say, whatever happens in Lewes stays in Lewes.

If ESPN highlights are too much for you to sit through, Sporlitics provides a link to the best goal of the world cup.

Hube mentions the 1981 Israeli raid on Iraq's Osirak nuclear reactor. That's right. The same raid that convinced me that BushCo was full of it when they spoke of "the smoking gun being a mushroom cloud over an American city." Man, I hate being right so much.

Have a good (rest of the) week. Peace Out.

AWWW, JAE has her moments.
You know I was just giving you the business. : )
JAE and I see eye to eye for the most part, she is just a she=devil when it comes to competition and I must say I all too easily get drug on into the mud pit!!!

Here's to all the fightin' blue hens!!!
Check it out, some California real estate dude snapped up
DT is really gone?
Huge disappointment in the games that get thrown down around here.
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