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Thursday, May 04, 2006



We Delawareans are sadly familiar with the chickenshit college republican Ryan Silberstein insane war mongery. Now his half-assed neocon-ery has been given a boost up to the bloggy big leagues with this DelawareDem Kos Diary.

The money quote:

If Bush went on TV tonight and said that we were going to take over Venezuela, Mexico, and Iran, purely for their oil, and promised lower gas prices, he would probably begin tomorrow morning with approval ratings in the high 70s.

Now we all know that this was so much kidding on Ryan's part - a mere "thought experiment" (while I agree that Ryan could benefit from experimenting with the concept of thinking), I have a problem with the "thought experiment" ruse.

The thing is, these neocon "thought experiments" have a bad habit of turning into "trial balloons". These "trial balloons" have a bad habit of turning into actual bombs raining down on people Bush decides are "evil doers".

And one more thing. When Bush pulls the trigger and we go into Iran don't look for Silberstien and the other war mongering Yellow elephant college republicans down at the recruiting office.

Fast forward to the US Senate in 2010:

SENATOR BIDEN: Mr. Bush, this hearing is assembled to answer the question: Why did you ignite World War Three by choosing to invade Mexico, Venezuela, and Iran?

FORMER PRESIDENT BUSH: It was all Silberstein's idea.
So, you don't think Hillary will win in 2008? Otherwise you'd label Biden as Secretary of State, since he's such a foreign policy genius, right?
No Silberstein is just a brainless drone in a great big money and misery making hive. He got the idea for WWIII from Reynolds who, no doubt, got it from someone higher up in the food chain.
More evidence that Garrett was right about Silberstein. Anyone would invade a nation to steal its natural resources would think nothing of spreading a deliberate lie at the delaware state convention.
Hi, Dana. How are ya? Trolling today?

Oh, you should stop trying to tell lies about others when you have so many to account for yourself.

Have you found that letter from Protack yet?

And I'm afraid you have more dulicity you need to account for:

The question now is when will you stop blogging since your credibility is in ruins?
Joker Ryan says that he is in full accord with the premise Ends Justify Means. How and where does this boy rest his crummy little soul at night?
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