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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Wing Nuts Don't Mind Castle's Fake Moderation

I did some soul searching this weekend. I said, "Is Michael Castle a moderate?" I mean I keep reading that he is in the News Journal. Although his right wing voting record speaks for itself, I still have to wonder after hearing it repeated so often, is Castle a moderate? Am I way off base?

As a liberal I am prone to this type of introspection. I know it is difficult for my conservatives readers to understand, but I always allow for the possibility that I am wrong. Am I wrong about Castle?

Well, to find out I poked around on a few of Delaware's right wing blogs. I reckoned that one measure of Castle's "moderation" should be how angry he makes right wing republicans.

So, if Castle is the moderate he claims to be, the Delaware-wingnut-osphere should hate him. They should be calling for primaries against him, and basically giving him the business. They are not shy about hating.

Well, so far I have found one wingnut who hates Castle because he is too moderate. That wingnut is the Unabrewer. I found another wing-nut who likes Castle but thinks he is too moderate. That wing nut is Jeff the Baptist. If I've missed some blistering screeds please let me know.

However, based on the early returns I have to say that Michael Castle is a lying fraud when he claims to be a moderate.

UPDATE: I can't wait for the mornic dupes on the left (yes I'm talking to you Green Delaware) to glom onto this meaningless vote.

American-Made Energy and Good Jobs Act

This House bill would open a strip of coastal land in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling.

Rep. Michael Castle voted NO

Vote Passed (225-201, 7 Not Voting) This is a classic Michael "hey, look at me I'm a moderate" Castle vote.

I wonder with DeLay gone who is counting the votes, cracking the whip, and granting permission for Republicans to occasionally vote against the Party?
... oh that's right, he's not gone yet...
"American-Made Energy and Good Jobs Act"

Oh man... if we can't stop the bills from passing can we at least change the names?
Now now, if you'd actually read some of the posts you searched for, you'd see that I'm not planning to call for a primary against him because I'm considering running as a Libertarian.

Of course, since both options would be a colossal waste of time, I think I'll just have another beer.

I never once in any of those posts claimed that Castle was a moderate, either. In fact, in one of them, I mentioned that part of my disagreement with him was over his support of the Drug War. Support of the Drug War is not a moderate stance, nor a conservative or liberal one for that matter. It's a nanny state stance. And that's why I dislike Castle. He's a nanny. One of the worst.
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