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Friday, May 05, 2006


What "Liberal" Media?

Yesterday Donald Rumsfeld got called out on his flat out lies. His lies have cost this country its credibility, over 2.5 billion dollars per month, and the lives of over 2,000 soldiers. (Not to mention the untold death and misery it has cost Iraq.) DWA has the details.

On the same day Patrick Kennedy got in a car crash.

Which do you think the "liberal" media will promote as the big story today?


Jason, you called it. Not that it was hard...but still. :)

email me if you could, by the way.

spivackforcongress (a)
Well, let's see. Last night, Fox showed the entire exchange between Rumsfeld and the former CIA analyst, including the applause Rummy got for his rebuttal. You failed to mention that security was going to drag the guy off, but Rummy waved them off and let him speak. Who's fair and balanced?
Take a quick look GREX, and get back to me on that.
ewwww, Rummy was laughing the guy off while he did allow for him to speak without arrest, he didn't honestly answer him either.
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