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Thursday, May 04, 2006



Christina School District needs a board member who stands up to the administration. In her rookie year on the Board, 'Kat' has stood up to the administration and other board members, voting to eliminate the wasteful $12 million parking garage. Unfortunately, she was outvoted 4-3 by other board members.

Christina School District needs a board member who understands finances. Kat has worked at Wilmington Trust for more than twenty years. This experience compelled her in December to request more information on the $112 million referendum proposed by the district's administration. No bank would have extended a loan with so little information provided. When the administration refused to provide the requested information, Kat voted against the referendum. Again, she was outvoted 4-3 by other board members. Fortunately, the district's voters agreed with Kat, and rejected the referendum.

Not only do we need Kat to be re-elected on the 9th, Christina needs six more people like Kat on the board. We need your vote, and your help in getting your friends to vote for Kat on the Tuesday 9th.

Ernie Lehman Guest Blogging Via The Progressive Line

If you have any questions for Katrine, you can email her at

Let her if you would like a yard sign. If you would like to contribute for her campaign, mail checks made out to Committee to Reelect Katrine Hutchison c/o Paul Baumbach, 273 E Main St, Suite E, Newark, DE 19711-7331. Anyone in the Christina School District can (and should) vote on May 9th.

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