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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


A Thought Experiment

Close you eyes and imagine we are at war. Imagine that Bill Clinton's White House (during wartime) carelessly left documents marked "official" that contained nearly every detail of the President's trip to Florida in the regular trash. Imagine further that these papers contained the exact arrival and departure time for Air Force One, Marine One and the documents also list every passenger on board each aircraft, from President Clinton to the military attaché with the nuclear football.

Now imagine the hue and cry that would rise from chickenshit yellow elephant Ryan Silberstein. Imagine the mockery and derision that would flow from the likes of fake-libertarian Hube, and the calls for impeachment that would emanate from super-patriots like GREX. Imagine the scorn and bile that DT would direct at Mr. Clinton.

Well you don't have to imagine. Hold onto your hat while this news starts to filter into the wingnut-osphere. Those super-patriots are going to be calling for Bush's head on a platter. ....probably.

Obviously those documents were left by some hate-filled angry partisan who somehow managed to escape the departmental purge of Democrats. Probably a Clinton appointee too. It was Clinton's fault.
I am a sworn news junkie but today it is almost painful to read the news. NSA buys phone records... HUD pay-to-play... Bush approval at new lows but still not behaving as though he is planning to leave the WH in 2008...50-year mortgages now available... grizzly/polar bear hybrids... head exploding...
It's G Rex, dummy, not GREX. Think of the big badass ultracarnivore dinosaur, but with a G instead.

That said, I think somebody should get fired over this security lapse, even if it's just some staffer's "sloppiness" a la Sandy Berger. Sorry, you can't impeach the president for this one either.
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