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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Republicans Still Pimping 9/11

Let's face it. 9/11 is the best thing that ever happened to Republicans. Right now, it is the only thing Republicans have. So it is understandable that they try to obscure abject failure after abject failure by bringing up 9/11 at every opportunity.

In Delaware even New York Gov. George E. Pataki tried to put some of that phat 9/11 bling around his neck.

"Of course, Pataki also talked about Sept. 11. He happened to be in New York City that day, and his daughter called him to tell him to turn on the television. The first plane had hit, and he told her it had to be an accident, and then the second plane came and he knew it was an attack.

The state trooper accompanying Pataki said he had to get back to his command center in Albany, the state capital. "It was the only time in 12 years as governor I told him, no, you're wrong," Pataki said, and he stayed with the city." - via delawaregrapevine

Who remembers that square jawed hero, George E. Pataki springing into action on 9/11? Not me. I just remember George Bush reading to kids for 11 minutes, and Dick Cheney pissing his pants in some bunker in Idaho. Then I remember the BushCo braintrust using 9/11 as a pretext to start a war with Iraq so that President Dim wit could land on an aircraft carrier and get reelected.

It's scary how badly the neocons need another attack on the US for them to justify their hold on power. Or rather, how much they *think* they need another attack.

Because I'm not convinced that the US will rally around the GOP after another attack. I think two-thirds of the people realize now they have been fooled on that score.

If God forbid there is a next time, I think the reaction will be "Bush is a disaster magnet. This is another of his screw-ups."
...and my same opinion applies not only to an attack on the US but to a US attack on Iran.
You are right. The irony of the GOP's continued pimping of 9/11 is that now it only serves to show what a disaster Bush has been.
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