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Monday, May 22, 2006


Please don't shoot anyone in the face.

Continued light posting this week. Read Tommywonk on Iraq.

The Neocons who came into power in 2001 were so sure of themselves, and so dismissive of those who experience did not confirm their faith-based foreign policy, that they have badly damaged our country's ability to execute a coherent foreign policy.

He calls them "neocons" which I feel lets rank and file republicans off the hook. This is as much "Dt's" debacle as it is Ryan's.

think the Neocons were in power well before 2001, they just exercised their power then
There is all of this running away on the right. Running away from Bush. Saying he is not a real "conservative" running away from "neocon".

It is such crap.
You are certainly a dumb shit.
My fan from Al's blog is back.

Howdy fan.
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