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Sunday, May 07, 2006


Michael Castle is a Big Liar: Part III

Here is another smoking gun:

On April 25, 2006 fake moderate and documented liar, Michael Castle said:

Since the terrorist attacks of September 11th, not enough attention has been paid to soft terrorist targets like ports and rail. The safety of our ports should not be taken lightly...

Having said that you'd think that, given the opportunity, the self described maverick would vote FOR a bill strengthening our port security by requiring electronic screening of U.S. bound container - even if it meant crossing his party leadership to vote for a Democratic bill. Well - you'd be wrong.

Castle has no problem voting against port security and for the agenda of his GOP controllers.

From the 5/7/06 News Journal:

Voting 202-222, the House on May 4 defeated a Democratic bid to require electronic screening of all U.S.-bound containers at foreign ports. The underlying bill (HR 4954, above) requires electronic screening only of containers thought to pose risk. Amendment backers said 100 percent screening is essential to U.S. security, while opponents called it unworkable and said it would cripple international trade.

A yes vote backed 100 percent overseas screening. Voting no: Castle, Gilchrest, LoBiondo, Weldon, Pitts.

it is bad enough that Castle can lie about his being a moderate - but the fact that the local press just plays along and NEVER calls him on his fake-moderation is just pitiful. I'm a simple blogger and I caught Castle in this lie before I finished my morning coffee. Imagine the stuff I'd catch him lying about if this were my job.

keep up the good work, Jason
Castle has to walk the walk and if he's talking out of his butt, too bad come November.

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