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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Letter in a Bottle

In 1979 I was just a kid, but I think I was STILL burning with hatred for Nixon (4 years after watergate).

This Thursday I'll find out how angry my younger self was at Nixon. My mother found a little time capsule I put together back in 1979 and we are opening it Thursday night. As I sort of recall I wrote some things about life in 1979 that I thought people in the future might be interested to know, and filled a couple more pages of loose leaf notebook paper with predictions.

I buried it a foot deep in her garden 27 years ago and she found it yesterday. She says the papers inside the bottle look like they are in perfect condition. She read me part of something I wrote through the bottle. It said. "... nuclear power is in trouble."

This should be a hoot.

follow up on this!
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