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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I used to like Matt Denn

...until I read this:

Matt Denn named "New Democrat of the Week" by national group

NEW CASTLE – Insurance Commissioner Matt Denn has been named the “New Democrat of the Week” by the national Democratic Leadership Council for his efforts to help Delaware seniors with the confusing and complex Medicare prescription drug signup process.

I guess, to be fair, Denn can't help it if the DLC likes him but...

Let us all take a moment to remember that it was the horrible, awful, "centrist" DLC that forced the Democratic Party to run away from it's core values of peace and social justice and in order to chase phantom "moderate voters" and corporate cash.

Howard Dean is just now digging us out of the hole that the DLC pushed us into. I hope Mr. Denn turns down the honor, short of that I hope he has the sense to realize that real Democrats don't want what the Democratic "Losership" Council is selling.

Update:Tom Carper is Vice-Chairman of the DLC. (I knew that I did not like something about him.) For more on how much the DLC SUCKS AND IS TRYING TO WRECK THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY click here.

Check out my post on the Medicare Part D(isaster).
Denn is REALLY an insider, Jason. He was Minner's lawyer and carried her water on some pretty stench-filled assignments.
...and yet he impressed me as a real old school Dem. He has also done more for working class Delawareans in his first year or so than most elected officials do in their careers.

This DLC thing really bothers me.
DLC seemed like a good idea once.
Some national DLC types are convinced that progressives are wrecking the Party. Some progressives are convinced that the DLC is wrecking the Party.

Frankly I find the whole thing tiresome and rather pointless. Hey guys, the Republicans! Remember?

As for Delaware's DLC members, I happily don't see them engaging in this kind of "We have to purge the party" nonsense. For instance, Jack Markell spoke at Richard Korn's announcement last week. Markell has been endorsed by the DLC as well as by Democracy for America (founded by Howard Dean), which has him listed along with progressive heroes such as Vermont's Bernie Sanders.
Some national DLC types are convinced that progressives are wrecking the Party. Some progressives are convinced that the DLC is wrecking the Party.

So, what does the evidence say?

It says under the sway of the DLC, the Democratic Party drifted from irrelevant to useless. It could not muster the political energy to thwart Mr. Bush's war, even when it was clear that the war was complete bullshit - AND it saddled the Dem's with John Kerry - a man who could not beat THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER.

If Matt Denn (and now) Jack Markell need to completely renounce the DLC as far as I'm concerned.
Carper has been deemed one of the bottom 5% useful Senators, #97.
What is up with this do nothing guy????
You're asking me?
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