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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I love John McCain in the saying "the enemy of my enemy is my friend."

McCain on Tuesday canceled an appearance for a Republican congressional candidate who has attacked his opponent for supporting McCain's immigration bill. McCain was scheduled to speak Wednesday at a breakfast fundraiser for Brian Bilbray, who is locked in a close runoff race with Democrat Francine Busby for the San Diego-area (CA-50) seat left vacant by disgraced former Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham. The event was expected to raise at least $65,000. - via the DCCC Stakeholder

The cancellation allowed the DCCC to put out this press release:

John McCain Cancels Tomorrow'’s Campaign Appearance with Brian Bilbray

(Washington, D.C.) Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee communications director Bill Burton released the following statement today on John McCain'’s decision to cancel his campaign appearance in San Diego tomorrow with Brian Bilbray:

“Senator John McCain's decision to cancel tomorrow's campaign appearance with Brian Bilbray is yet another reminder for California families that Brian Bilbray has no real plan for comprehensive immigration reform. With the Minutemen endorsing his opponent William Griffith and Francine Busby backing John McCain's plan for increased border security and a tougher, reformed legalization process, Brian Bilbray is left testing the political winds without a real immigration solution for Southern California. Brian Bilbray may play politics with border security, but for California families, immigration reform is a top priority that requires the kind of sensible, tough solutions put forward by Francine Busby and John McCain.”

Boohyah! This is looking more and more like a pick up for the Dems in a district where no Democrat should even be on the ballot.

MYDD has the skinny on why McCain is now the GOP's power broker.

"Bush is poison, Cheney is worse. Bringing them in for secret fundraisers is fine, but anything more and you anger voters who don't like either of them and generate bad press. "

How I'd love to see Castle bring in Cheney. That would be sweet.
Dirty heroin is more popular than Cheney. Aids is more popular than Cheney.

Cheney makes syphilis look like the prom queen by comparison.
Heh... Republicans hate losers. When the finally turn on their own it will be a bloodbath.

Democrats on the other hand LOVE their losers.
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