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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Harvard Lowers Admission Standards for a Minority (gasp!)

Why isn't Hube all over this story? This is his bread and butter.

An unqualified minority student got to the front of the line, while a hard working non-minority got the cold shoulder.

In this case it was not a black person. Maybe that explains why Hube is not foaming at the mouth.

The applicant in question is part of an even more put upon minority. He was in the minority of people known as conservative republicans who apply to Harvard Business School without having completed an undergraduate degree. His name is Blake Gottesman.

The Carpetbagger Report has the story. In White House lingo, Gottesman is known as Bush's "body man" or, more colloquially, his "butt boy," sticking close behind the president for 14 to 18 hours a day. Now, Gottesman is escaping to Harvard Business School.

And that is where the story gets interesting: Harvard plans to welcome the 26-year-old Texas native as a graduate student in business this fall, despite the fact that Gottesman left California's Claremont McKenna College after his freshman year to join the Bush campaign.

Of course, the leader of the free world — who snagged his M.B.A. from Harvard Business School in 1975 — helped out with a written endorsement. As an alum, the president also made a friendly call to Harvard on his aide's behalf, as did former White House Chief of Staff Andy Card, Gottesman's first boss in the White House, who counts a number of Harvard officials among his home-state friends.

Gottesman briefly dated Jenna Bush when he was a high school junior in Austin and she was a freshman, and her dad was governor. When Bush decided to run for president, Gottesman put college on pause. What he thought might be a brief interlude turned into a seven-year hitch. The president's nicknames for his $95,000-a-year special assistant have evolved from "Mini-Me," to "Soldier" and "Private" and "Peanut," to the more recent "Johnny Harvard," eventually simplified to "Harvard."

The Harvard Business School application instructions state that an M.B.A. candidate must have completed a four-year undergraduate degree "or its equivalent in another country." Bush's letter for Gottesman must have been pretty good.

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