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Monday, May 08, 2006


great moments in history

See how three presidents answered the question "what was the best moment of your presidency?"

to summarize:

carter: the camp david negotiations

clinton: the resolution of the kosovo crisis

bush: that time i caught a big fish on my ranch
(UPDATE: Bush lied about the fish. Or, he caught a fish that broke the record for fresh water perch by 3 pounds.)

Michael Castle and Hube believe Bush (a man who lies about everything) should STILL be president.

Click here for the supporting research.

The fish will be proudly displayed at his Presidential Library. That and, um, uh............
actually the fish WAS the highlight of his presidency
Busn's lake is artificial and stocked with fish... probably right near Cheney's quail-shooting range.
Why couldn't have somone set up a fake white house for Bush and Cheney to run around in and pretend to drop bombs on Iran and Iraq?

They would have had just as much fun.
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