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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Around the Horn (the "playing catch-up" edition)

Right wing fetus get a well deserved beating: Delawarewatch

Tommy turns uhhm…. old. Happy B-day! Tommywonk

Oh the humanity! Fire grilled salads: Mike’s Musings

Marking “mission accomplished day” complete with deafening silence from the right: Down With Absolutes

Asleep at the switch since April 14th: First Slate

People think elected officials suck. (Except for their elected officials) Delathought

Someone please make Dana stop. Jokers To The Right

Murtha and Nagin are bad. George Bush? Never heard of him: Confusion of Rhodey

Update: The Onion

I don;t know why the links don't work. The ones to the right of the page do.
Take a deep breath and cut-n-paste those links again; they are totally FUBAR. You've got your own URL in there, plus you have a double-slash. Plus some non-ASCII encoded characters that come out like "%E2%80%9"

I don;t know why the links don't work.

It's quite simple. You're an idiot.
Jason, are you copying and pasting code from word?
Yep. They are from word - and I had a meeting to get to so...


You only comment once a month - but what a treat !
HTML doesn't like quotation marks pasted from word. after you paste the text from word into blogger, you need to replace each quotation mark with ones you actually type in blogger.
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