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Friday, May 26, 2006


Around the Horn Friday

Where does the time go?

Mahaffie's gone fishing. no udpates since 5/22.

Where is that dang video? Down with Absolutes is tardy.

Sebastian at First Slate is turning up on milk cartons, and nowhere else.

Ryan (yet to enlist) at JTTR thinks global warming is fake, but the tooth fairy and trickle down economics are real. I know, the poor thing.

Who is Delathought? The better question is "Why is Delathought?"

Andrew at Spivackforcongress dares Castle to say, "A Democratic Congress will investigate the President."

Dana at Delawarewatch blows the whistle on more right-wing-nutery.

Tommywonk breaks down the Eron verdict, "Eichenwald writes that Enron's leaders came to believe that reporting big profits was the same as actually making money, and ran the company accordingly." Hmmm...sounds like George Bush.

Rhodey.... Oh lord! Another diversity memo, someone pass the smelling salts. I have the vapors.

Have a good weekend. Peace Out.

You left out my fav, Paul Smith Jr.

Paul signs up for iTunes and the first thing he buys is "the CD of patriotic music I've been wanting for years..." most of which has been available to download for FREE for years from our armed services bands, taxpayer-funded. Best quote:

"I've been beating this stuff to death since I downloaded them. May God continue to bless the United States of America!"

(although I'd rather not have that image. Why couldn't he just do it to Led Zeppelin like the rest of us?)

Menstruation Is Fast Becoming Optional - Yahoo! News
Paul comments on the news that some women are using hormonal pills to block menstruation:

"If your body's designed to do something as a matter of course, it seems to me you should let it. Who knows what the consequences could be."

Awesome Paul! Who knew you were such a libertine!!

First the DaVinci Code, now this blasphemy?
Paul (quoting someone else) notes the supposed irony of Congressmen receiving the Reagan award for Medicare Part D:

"Yes, that’s right, the Ronald Reagan Award is being used to congratulate members who promote the biggest expansion of Medicare since LBJ created the entitlement program in the 1960s."

Except that Reagan explained he was FOR Medicare and signed the California Medicare bill.
Apologies on the video. This hasn't gone well at all! And I'm annoyed with myself. All I can say is you WILL get to see it. By the time you see it, though, I'm sure the Westboro Baptist Church will have closed up and Fred Phelps will have told his last sermon!

It's coming...I promise!
"Why is Delathought?"

Because, according to one of my readers, I'm the best straight man you ever had.

And that's good enough for me.
I was busy? I didn'thave anything nice to say? I don't know... I guess I had a slow week!
Thanks to Anonymous for that Paul Smith Jr. Recap. I have to get around to adding him, but Anon should do the write ups.

mike m. I'm just busting. I can't wait to "beat the video to death" is all. (I'm going to adopt that Paul Smith Jr euphemism from here on out.)

Mike - if the delaware blogosphere was the show "Bewitched" you'd be the good blonde haired version of Samantha - and I'd be the cousin in the black wig that shows up from time to time.

DT, you know we are tight.
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