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Friday, May 19, 2006


Around the Horn Friday

Mahaffie is not the only person I know with a Prius, but he is still special in my book.

This joke at DWA was funny when I first heard it in 1973 featuring Nixon, Agnew and Kissinger.

Sebastian at First Slate is still saving his energy with one post a month.

Ryan (yet to enlist) at JTTR still playing Charlie McCarthy to Volkov's Edgar Bergan.

Delathought, the RNC called. They want their strawmen back.

Andrew at Spivackforcongress "The current Republican Congress is much too indebted to the pharmaceutical and health insurance lobbies to be trusted with the future of our health care system." True dat.

Dana at Delawarewatch finds a picture of the ugliest pug in the world to make a point.

Mclefty has Mc left. No updates since April 12.

Tommywonk is the wind beneath my wings.

At Rhodey they've lost all memory of George Bush and Iraq - but dumbass teachers rush to fill the void.

Have a good weekend. Peace Out.

I'm speechless.
Le Cabinet STRATEGY NETCOM � Miami propose depuis 1998 des d�localisation par la cr�ation et l'incorporation de soci�t�s au Delaware
John Kerry? Is that you?
Who's "Volkov"?

Your unintentional microcephaly remains, as ever, hilarious.
Hello, pour une fois je crois avoir trouv� un Cabinet d'incorporation dans le Delaware qui est install� depuis 10 ans � Miami et qui parle en fran�ais.
Ce doit �tre un bon plan car juste en demandant sur un moteur comme Yahoo : incorporation j'ai �t� j'ai trouv� tout de suite USACOMPANYCORPORATION.COM ou une autre adresse qui m�ne au m�me site : usa-corm.comincorporation
unintentional, intentional whatever.

I'll take it.
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