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Monday, May 15, 2006


4th Seaford Iraq War Death Brings Delaware Total to 11

Brian Daniel McGinnis Sergeant 30-Mar-2003 (St. George)

Ryan Patrick Long Specialist 03-Apr-2003 (Seaford)

Russell Brian Rippetoe Captain 03-Apr-2003 (Seaford)

Jarrett B. Thompson Specialist 07-Sep-2003 (Dover)

Anthony P. Roberts Lance Corporal 06-Apr-2004 (Bear)

Joseph P. Garyantes Staff Sergeant 18-May-2004 (Rehoboth)

Richard C. Clifton Lance Corporal 03-Feb-2005 (Milford)

Stephen M. McGowan Corporal 04-Mar-2005 (Newark)

James S. "Shawn" Moudy Sergeant 1st Class 11-Dec-2005 (Newark)

Cory L. Palmer Corporal 06-May-2006 (Seaford)

Rick James Not reported yet 13-May-2006 (Seaford)

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