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Friday, April 07, 2006


Yet Another Reason to Dislike Mike

He is an arrogant jerk. That's right, I said it.

We already know he is a Republican, which speaks volumes about his low character. We also already know he is a fraud and a calculating politician, but at least he has some humility right?


Thanks to Celia Cohenwe now find out that the real Michael Castle is an arrogant jerk!

Listen to how Castle laughs off his Democratic challenger, Dennis Spivack:

""I'll worry about him in August, September, election time."


...and be ready to wince as you read Celia Cohen suck up to Castle time and again in that piece. She is about as objective as a Ken Mehlman press release.

Cohen is the fag hag of Delaware politics.
Is she worthy of scorn and rebuke for her crappy lazy reporting? Yes.

Let's not go into the "Castle is gay" stuff. That was a big misunderstanding that has since been cleared up.
Jason, thanks for the discovery. This is the first time an incumbent candidate has ignored his opponent in the name of "doing his job." I wonder if this new tactic will work!!

Scourge: why are you so homophobic?
Castle has been known to fequent gay clubs so Wilmington friends tell me and I believe them.
I like to eat at the Blue Moon. Does that mean I "frequent gay clubs?" I just need to know, in case I ever run for office.
1) I don't think Castle is gay.

2) If he is - who cares?

3) How do item's 1 & 2 add up to me being homophobic?
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