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Thursday, April 20, 2006


Why Are Delaware’s Democrats Represented by Republicans in the State Legislature?

...Two reasons

1) Republican’s are running unopposed.

2) Democrats have seemed “surprised” by elections. They start late and play "catch-up" for the 12 months before the election, while Republicans plan for elections.

Here is my list of districts that should be sending progressive representatives to Dover:

4th RD - Hay (D) lost to Dipinto 42% to 58% in a district that went 61% for Kerry.

7th RD - Tanzer (D) lost to Smith 39% to 61% in a district that went 55% for Kerry.

9th RD - Ascione (D) lost to Cathcart 36% to 64% in a district that went 50% for Kerry.

10th RD - Williams (D) lost to Valihura 42% to 58% in a district that went 56% for Kerry.

11th RD - Lavelle (R) ran unopposed in a district that went 54% for Kerry.

12th RD - Gravell (D) lost to Hudson 35% to 65% in a district that went 51% for Kerry.

18th RD - Spence (R) ran unopposed in a district that went 62% for Kerry.

21st RD - Brewer (D) lost to Maier 31% to 69% in a district that went 54% for Kerry.

24h RD - Oberle (R) ran unopposed in a district that went 64% for Kerry.

25st RD - Kowalko(D) lost to Ulbrich 42% to 58% in a district that went 60% for Kerry.

27th RD - Lofink (R) ran unopposed in a district that went 56% for Kerry.

This is an excellent analysis and I agree with it, but just a few bones to pick:

Using "votes for Kerry" as a yardstick is a good start. However, the national GOP agenda doesn't register well with Delaware voters. For one thing, Delaware already has low taxes.

So smart Delawareans vote on local issues, not partisanship. And dumb Delawareans vote on name recognition. This odd alliance of the smart and the dumb goes a long way to explaining the strength of incumbency in Delaware.

But yeah, overall I agree - it's time to shake things up and restore a two-party system in this town.
Donations to the Incumbent Party continue to roll in...

Come on, we can do better than $9,771 for Spivack...

And who the f**k gave $32,79 to Protack?

In the first three months of 2006, more than $1 million rolled into the campaign coffers of Sens. Joe Biden and Tom Carper, and Rep. Mike Castle. Carper and Castle are up for re-election, and Biden is bulking up his war chest with an eye on the 2008 presidential campaign.

On the other side of the ledger, Democrat Dennis Spivack invested $90,495 of his own money in his campaign for Delaware's lone House seat, according to federal election records. He spent it all in the first three months of the year.

Spivack raised $9,771 in contributions during the same period. As of March 31, he had $8,500 in cash on hand and more than $90,000 in debt.

In the Republican primary race for Carper's seat, airline pilot Mike Protack reported he has raised $32,795 and ended the quarter with $27,888 in the bank.

Don't fret about the money situation at this point. It's still very early, endorsements are still pending, and fundraising season has yet to really kick into high gear.
So smart Delawareans vote on local issues...

That's exactly the point. The "votes for Kerry" mean little-to-nothing when it comes to local representative and senator votes.
Two things.

#1 - If you're going to do this, you have to talk about Vaughn, Adams, Cook, Bunting, Schwartzkopf, etc. that are in the reverse situation.

#2 - The Del Dems could do a lot worse than Oberle and Lofink. That's why they never are opposed. They're not RINOs, they're FBDs (Full-blown Dems).
The Kerry vote shows baseline Dem voting power in a given district.

Bush did not get any Democrats. So, we have 11 RD's where D's are represented by R's in Dover. That is 11 too many.

If Oberle and Lofink are D's they should change their party affiliations.
The Kerry vote shows baseline Dem voting power in a given district

What does this mean, exactly? 'Cause I know that in the 7th district, Dems do not outnumber Repubs. The recent redistrict did increase Dem #s (Smith had a close race against Bradley that year), but there ain't 55% Dems in that district.
Lofink and Oberle need to GO.
I think your numbers don't add up because most voters are relatively unclouded by your mania for constantly dividing the entire world down partisan lines, no matter what the setting. Unfortunately, though, they are just as ignorant as you seem to be, but not enough to defend the indefensible....they just vote for it.

It's not time to restore 2-party rule (which would mean electing Republicans to statewide 'big' positions as well as to the State Senate, as much as Dems to the State House) is time to get rid of one-party rule, mascerading as two-party rule, by looking at good candidates who are neither D nor R.

Is not the political discourse, up and down the spectrum, falsely distracted by constant partisan battles, letting the incumbent rascals get away with murder? Geez, I would rather go back to the old battles over least they have some bearing on reality, versus phony pseudo-issues about party affiliation that only provide safe haven for shallow, shrill sloganeers.

Get real, ought to live in Wilmington, Democrat central, with its bloated wasteful corrupt city government fleecing everyone they can. Yeah, J, that's really good governance from your beloved saviors in the Democrat party.

Libertarian is the only way to go. And don't give me your malarkey about 'viability'....something cooked up by the incumbent party (the 'Two-Party Party, if you will) and spooned-down by morons who can only see the world in two (party) dimensions. Viability for any 3rd party is just one vote away.....YOURS!!

We don't need more challengers from either of the two problem parties, we need more challengers from the public has a REAL choice.

That said, both sides are equally to blame, especially for Delaware's messy government.....and you ain't helpin' matters with these constant narrow -minded party-based distractions from the real issues. Do us a favor and stop confirming all of the bad things people say about liberals and live up to the notion of being 'liberal-minded' instead of just a 'left-winger' constantly foaming at the mouth.
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