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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Where is the outrage?

Republican senator's son sodomizes 18 children

18 year old Clifton Bennet is on trial for sodomizing 18 children with a broom stick. Bennet is the son of state Senate President Ken Bennett, a Republican from Arizona. Horrible and shocking, right? You haven't heard nearly the worst of it...

Instead of being charged with 18 counts of sexual assault and being put in jail and placed on the sex offender list for life, Bennet is being charged with a single count of regular assault because of his father.

Three of the 18 victims, all boys between the ages of 11 and 15, are from Tucson, and the families are angry that 18-year-old Clifton Bennett and co-defendant Kyle Wheeler, 19, were not charged with sexual assault.
Also, the families said Bennett is being treated favorably by the court system because of his father's position in the Legislature. Bennett's plea would allow the court to classify the aggravated-assault conviction as a misdemeanor, which means he could go on to become a teacher or counselor and would never have to disclose the so-called "brooming" incident.

So not only were the 18 charges reduced to one single charge, but that charge was reduced from sexual assault no regular assault, which carries a maximum of two years in prison. However, Bennet is more likely to do probation than be imprisoned at all!

- Via pHatidic's diary

Where is Sean Hannity on this? Why is Fox News not all over this? Here is a link to the full story.

Republicans will never tire of cramming things up the ass of America.
Hey... if I were in Sen. Bennett's shoes I'd do whatever it took, even sacrifice my career to scandal, if it would keep my broomstick-loving son out of the general prison population.
I would hope so.

Although wouldnt it have been easier to teach the child something about being a decent human being, and discouraging him from being cruel in ways that steered him away from "brooming"?

I mean where are the family values?
Aww, come on jason, this is a nasty hazing incident that probably shouldn't get more than probation. IMHO it's only a "sexual assault" under the modern all-encompassing definition of sexual assault. Offensive touching, perhaps simple assault.

Your point about the Senator's influence though is dead-on, and perhaps the web of GOP connections to the justice system needs to be checked out over there.

The boys told police "broomsticking" was done alternately with a broom, a cane, a mop handle and a heavy-duty flashlight while they were clothed.
this is a nasty hazing incident ICK!

What kind of F'ed up frat did you belong to anyway?
Funny how if someone says, "Have a happy Spring Break!" instead of "Have a Happy Easter" these wingnuts freak out. But is someone crams a broom up someones ass - no big deal.
On second thought, given that the victims were 12-13, throw the book at 'em. I think it'll come down to a Clintonian debate about whether there was penetration or not. I would be perfectly happy NOT to hear those particular details.
LOL.....I see, so the Republicans are now being blamed for the hazing activities of some teenage son of a State Senator? You guys are beyond belief in blind hatred for the opposition.....

I suppose the D's have such clean hands, especially in Delaware, trying to hand off the State's highest law enforcement position to a family dynasty. Now that is nepotism worth outrage, not some AZ state senator's wing nut kid getting a judicial slap.
Hey. The kid was the son of a Republican State Senator. It is a simple fact. Connect the dots. Republicans are into poking people in the rear end with stuff.
To generalize this as more than a horrid, corrupt favoitism to incumbent in power is evil upon evil.
Just leave out the party affiliation, ok?
Incumbency is the disease.
Just ask Delay, Buckingham and Santorum (not to infer indictment here) and research the pre contract for America crowd for influence peddling precedent.
Look no further than the DE General Assembly either for the trend.
Republicans are into poking people in the rear end with stuff...

That's quite a stretch...
I was kidding.
so was I... think about it...
You know how they say that if a joke needs to be explained it is not funny?

That rule did not hold up in this case.

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