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Sunday, April 16, 2006


Vile Laziness

It has been a recurring theme here that Celia Cohen is lazy. It is not really fair to single out Cohen. Ron Williams is also lazy. Check out the fanciful nonsense he spews out in lieu of actual journalism.

But some, I among them, believe (Roger Roy’s) sudden departure had more to do with an upcoming election challenge from Democrat Richard Korn than it did grandkids.

The irony of this scenario is the New Castle Democratic Party isn't going to endorse Korn let along offer him financial support.

Who the hell does Ron Williams think he is ? HE speaks for the Democratic party. Funny, I did not get that memo. And yet, as idiotic sounding as Williams is, and as tempting as it might be to laugh off – this bit of inanity exposes a deeper problem, the vile laziness of the media.

Why do I seem to be so determined to expose the vile laziness of Cohen and Williams? Here is why, they are small time local version of what is happening in the larger world. The vile laziness of the press, and its infatuation with power, has given us this corrupt administration and this pointless tragic war.

Jeff Feldman lays it down in this Kos Diary:

(In the recent past) we had a press that asked questions of our leaders, that once gazed down the halls of government as if journalism was a partner of the people in a democratic America, but now--now they gobble up whatever is fed to them by those in power while they sit and pass judgment on the citizens of this country.

They have become lazy. Lazy from cocktail parties and jet rides, photo ops and award dinners. Reporters in DC are no longer reporters. They are overweight and docile lapdogs, timid sellouts who blush in the presence of power like schoolgirls worried if they act too brash the boys won't ask them to dance.

If this is still a democracy, people like Jan Ting, Dennis Spivack and Richard Korn deserve a fair hearing and a level playing field in the press. They don't deserve the sniffing and patronizing asides that the local media has learned to substitute for journalism.

Ting, Spivack and Korn are you and I, but with guts. They have enough to contend with without the News Journal editorial board and the likes of Celia Cohen constantly regreasing the entrenched incumbent's thoroughly greased skids.

Well put, but I think I'll pass on trying to get into pissing matches with people who buy ink by the truckload.
Williams has always smelled like he gets something for his errant press.....???
Cohen is cautious and I take them both for getting more out in the public eye than we'd have otherwise.

In a one paper town, there's no need to get down on anyone, no competetive fires to build/put out.
great post Jason.

We need to set a few fires to show them that they are now competing against the DE blog world and they better get moving. Truth will out.
If we can just keep showing up with the truth, they'll think we are setting fires.

I'll pass on trying to get into pissing matches with people who buy ink by the truckload.

Williams remarks on Sunday were completely FALSE. This was bad. But WDEL picked up the drum beat on Monday and continued to spread the awful lies. So now, the average voter has been told twice that the Dems aren't supporting Korn. How much work will it take to correct that impression? Korn's District Committee (20th) loves him and they are the people in the party who have the final say. He'll be endorsed tonight -- we'll see if Williams retracks his comments. I sure plan to jump all over him on this. And Mascitti and that total whore Jerry Fulcher.

Yo Rebecca!!!!!
Thanks for the fresh air.
I have been getting tons of Fulcher flak from people...what is up with the guy?
Lots of folks have also gone stale on Mascitti..his bravado shrinks like a slug under salt when he gets on the phone with a pol (of any stripe). Middle of the road is one thing and ducking the issues with softball queries is another.

Good to hear that Korn is hearalded by the DEMs.

He will be a force for the public good when he gets to Dover and I hope we can give him lots of other freshman faces and that they take the legis in a new direction: out of the pockets of special interests and into the public eye.

Open meetings and FOIA for the GA is a must happen.

I also ask for new DE constitutional law that legislation must be given enough time for public review. No more epilogue-last minute-last day-after midnight enactments Roger Roy's MO.
Do not rest on your laurels, for the notion that Roy retreated in the face of a Korn candidacy is pure folly. As drawn in the 2002 redistricting, this is one of the safest GOP districts in the state, with GOP-Dem registration at 5,875-4,976 in a Democratic county. Korn pulled 167 of 925 Dem votes cast in the district in the 2004 County Exec primary.
Not to say he can't win. Just a reality check.
the notion that Roy retreated in the face of a Korn candidacy is pure folly

Roy might survive a campaign against Korn, but his TMA deal probably would not.
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