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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


This scares the bejeesus out of racists, xenophobic right wing republicans it should.

The Mexican flag also freaks them out.

I heard Krikorian the other day on NPR making what sounded like a good point about a guestworker program. As soon as there is a legal guestworker program, Mexicans will no longer have the wage advantage, because agencies will fly in people from around the world who are willing to work for even less than Mexicans. The streets will be filled with unemployed Americans and pissed-off Mexicans. Hoo boy, what fun!

And won't the Church (currently supporting amnesty and guestworker) be surprised when the nation's toilets are being scrubbed not by tithing Mexicans, but by Indonesian Muslims and atheists from the former Soviet Union!
Cheney was heavily booed while throwing out the first pitch on Opening Day in DC... I'd call for the yea's and nays, but he'd probably lose that too.
I heard about that Cheney thing. Hopefully Jon Stewart will have the clip tonight.
The Collosi have regurgitated this one with a dire prediction that this poster alone will repel the Delay digust factor in Texas and bring in a GOPer tidal-wave....huh?
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