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Thursday, April 20, 2006


Think about this the next time you buy gas

Oil prices leapt above $72 a barrel yesterday. It was the third straight day of a record setting high close for oil. A government report showed shrinking U.S. gasoline supplies and traders fears of nuclear tensions between Iran and the United States were pushing prices up.

Laurence Lindsey, President Bush's senior economic advisor in 2002, said that "Under every plausible scenario, the negative effect will be quite small relative to the economic benefits that would come from a successful prosecution of the war. The key issue is oil, and a regime change in Iraq would facilitate an increase in world oil."

If you don't think Bush is doing a good job, the only reasonable thing to do is vote against Michael Castle.

Castle is a Bush enabler who thinks the President should STILL be in office. Removing Castle would seriously hamper Bush's ability to do more damage to the country in the last two years of his misadministration.

When the time come, everyone (regardless of party affiliation) who thinks Bush is a disaster should vote for Dennis Spivack.

Wait until you see the post I have coming on this subject...just...wait :)

--Andrew S.
Someone sing the Cheney song dodah dodha
Big oil has us strung up by its collective stockholding WH grip.
oh add in Congeww and SCOTUS too thank you very much.
I know that the truth isn't really part of your agenda, but gas prices are rising due to the fact that the oil industry is no longer using MTBE and instead is using ethanol as an additive. I would think you liberals would be happy about the positive environmental effects of this change.

But hey, who needs the environment when you can create a ridiculously fallible roundabout connection between oil, Bush and Castle in your futile attempt to unseat Delaware's most successful politician. I know your readers don't like to think for themselves and happily buy anything you're selling that trashes Republicans, regardless of whether or not it has any merit. Keep up the good work, J.

At least you're not putting $90,000+ of your own money into a hopeless cause...
the big oil outrageous price fixe has more to do with the Wall Street trickery in conjunction with this administrative's agenda of Mid-east confliction and its immediate effect on barrel value.
each peep out of Iran id this week's excuse for the flurried uptick in the index.
come on GOPers...give it up....
we all know the score and it ain't pretty.
Fundamentally, the question becomes...even in an ideal "ownership society" should the control of vital reasources be so dependent on the whims of Wall Street traders?
we all know the score and it ain't pretty.

Yeah, the score is this:
HOUSE - ours
SENATE - ours

And it looks like it will stay that way, even though we haven't put forth our best effort. The alternative is just too much for people to bear.
HOUSE - ours
SENATE - ours

I like the way you keep saying "ours..." Go ahead, keep tying those anvils around your neck. Conservative=Republican=failed policy. Repeat it over and over again. It's yours.
Voter wallet woes will be bringing the GOPer controlled government to its collective knees and out of power....unless those voting machines are being tweaked.
BTW it is a serious bummer that there is no commentary on the Spivack blog.....yo....can't they install a monitering system if they are afraid of evil comments....without the discourse that a good blog affords...things have a way of going stale in blogland.
I welcome the butt-rebuttal!!
I'll bring it up, but I can't promise anything.
Good, btw nice Kos article about Spivack!!!!
if they are afraid of evil comments

It's not the evil comments they're afraid of, it's the unavoidable truth. I would be surprised to see many candidates have free commenting on their campaign blogs.
ummm, DT, one person's evil comment is another's truth and visa verse, NO? minute, liberals are bemoaning the cheap price of gas in the U.S. "In France they pay $5 per liter! It isn't fair that we get it so cheap! We should tax it more to get the price up as a disincentive to driving and polluting" Next thing you know, the price is $2.89 per gal. and the same libs are demanding that Congress investigate! Are you people ever happy? MAKE UP YOUR MIND!
Say What?
putting words like these in my liberal mouth won't work, sorry
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