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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Smyrna generates more news than it can consume locally

UPDATE: That picture of Schaeffer was freaking me out.

Mike's Musings clued me into this News Journal story:

Residents of Kates Way, where (Smyran Mayor) Schaeffer and fellow Councilmen Patrick Cahill and Douglas Chervenak live, arose Monday morning to find that their signs backing council candidate Gene Mullen had mysteriously gone missing.

"I think it was nine in total," said resident Kathleen R. Melvin, who reported the theft. (snip) "I said, 'Maybe you can check Mayor Schaeffer's camera,' " Melvin said.

It was Schaeffer's security camera that picked up evidence used in the February trial of Cahill and his wife, Julie, on charges of harassing and terrorizing Schaeffer and his family during an Oct. 6 incident. ...This time, the camera apparently picked up images of signs being removed from the Cahills' lawn as well as from homes across the street. Melvin said the overnight theft Sunday involved only Mullen signs. "I believe it's politically motivated rather than just a prank," Melvin said.

Patrick Cahill said he lost one sign, and that the hooded duo "basically went down one block in town and took down the signs for Gene Mullen on that block."

Two things:

1) If Jim Fox who is running for the at-large seat against Mullen was trying to figure out some way to ruin his reputation, running for office as a part of the Schaeffer syndicate will prove to be a pretty good way to do it.

2) If I were Schaeffer, I'd sue the News Journal to get them to stop using that picture.

What a moron and he is raking in the bucks developing the crap out of the area...great DE Way....ignore conflicts of interest between politics and construction trades and land use....Paul Clark in NCC and Vance Phillips in Sussex are horrid offense Paul as much as you try to deny it, it is written all over the ordinances you support.
If you want to see a bad Schaeffer picture, look no farther.

And if you think the Michael Meek and Jim Fox are not beholden to the Mayor, check out the similarities in their campaign literature.

And if you really want to punish yourself, I am blogging the run up to Monday's election at Stupid & Wrong.
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