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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Republicans Now "Clean"

...Delay resignation washes away the sins of the (GOP) world.

Michael Castle and the rest of the ongoing criminal enterprise known as the Republican party must be pretty happy that Tom Delay decided to let the Kos-ian pharisees nail him to a tree.

Now Castle can pretend that all of the GOP's sins have been washed away and no longer affect congressional Republicans. Insider trading, fraud, corruption, vote selling, abandonment of constitutional responsibilities, gone. Poof!

No doubt the Wilmington News Journal and Delathought will dutifully repeat that spin.

The thing is Mike Castle and every other Republican in Congress enabled DeLay, and today the Bush/Rove GOP remains a dangerous anti-American cancerous growth on the body politic. One man's resignation changes absolutely nothing.

This is a Delawareliberal-izedpost via - Kos.

Let the pardon watch begin - does Bush dare? not before the 2006 election anyway.
Well, as you may recall, Bush has political capital and he intends to spend it.
Sorry you lost your punching bag.
For a more perfect union and to ensure domestic tranquility, I'll take the resignation. Some things are more imprtant than partisan poltics.
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