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Friday, April 21, 2006


Regarding gas prices Delathought wrote:

I know that the truth isn't really part of your agenda, but gas prices are rising due to the fact that the oil industry is no longer using MTBE and instead is using ethanol as an additive.

This would be funny if it were not so sad. That otherwise smart people would bend their reality to protect the worst President in the history of the country says something very dark about the future. I use Delathought here as an example of what Mr. Rove and Mr. Bush have wrought.

It is the RNC party line these days that the President is really just a figurehead who has no control over anything. When you read otherwise smart people like Delathought defend Mr. Bush you know that his avoidance of accountability is complete and total.

Bending reality? Trying to make Mike Castle responsible for gas prices is bending reality.

Trying to pretend that the Bush Administration can control gas prices is bending reality.

Trying to pretend that increased demand in China and India is not the single biggest factor in spiking gas prices is bending reality.

Trying to pretend that US gas companies set oil prices is bending reality.

There are two big reasons for gas being so high in America:

1-Domestic production. The environmental lobby has killed any chance of new production facilities being built in this country.

2-Ethanol replacing MTBE. Ethanol is harder to transport, so it costs more.

You can say anything you want. But what I don't see in your post is any evidence or counter-argument in opposition to my statement. But like I said, truth is not really a factor here.

This has very little to do with the President. Unlike you're pathetic, blind loyalty to your weak-ass party, I have given my verdict on Bush, and it wasn't all roses, if you remember.

This is your fifth post this year about me. I do feel honored.
We need something like an Apollo Mission from our government on renewable energy.

No more oil subsidies or statutory perks. I am a Republican but we need to bring on the 'excess profits tax' for this bunch. Especially this pig :

In concert with their BushCo. Washington flunkies these pigs have totally held back deployment of the existing new energy technologies taht answer all od these problems. Not necesarily by active means, but by neglect and mis-direction of public funds.

These new, simple alternatives are left languishing without any real or concerted investment by government (in the billions not just nominal millions). Meanwhile the oil pigs are nicely subsidized in budgets and by Mid-East wars that inflate their profits beyond decency. Their idea of technological progress is 'clean coal'.....LARF!!!! Sort of like only slightly poisonous heroin.

And yeah, Jason....DE-Thought is definitely a 'kool-aid' drinker. By his line of argument I guess no one is to blame except us 'oil-addicted' Americans. (Way to go Mr. Bush...his first true statement, though utterly self-serving and blame-shifting.)

This oil is a dangerous, deadly addiction after all, huh? We should make sure this oil gang gets the same treatment as drug dealers get in the collossally wasteful, failed 'war on drugs'. I mean, hey, we're just trying to save the addicts from themselves by going after the addiction-purveyors who get rich off of masssive profiteeering, environmental poison, social instability, and 3rd-world misery.

It is so laughable to hear these Neo-Con/Bush/Cheney/Big Oil goose-steppers try to apply two different rationales (oil versus drugs) to the basic notion of whether a market should (or even can) be controlled.

A : I mean, harummpph, how can we possibly control the market forces of oil? We can't control demand, demand, demand!!

B : I mean, harummpph, how can we possibly not control the market forces of marijuana/cocaine/fill-in-the-blank-llegal-drugs? After all can't we easily control demand, demand, demand??!!

End the war against drug selling racketeers in favor of war on the oil-selling profiteers. Really...which addiction is worse?
...I'm still waiting for an actual counter-argument, not a change of subject or a red herring, but an actual string of facts...

And anon, you don't know shit about me. Read this and then call me a "kool aid drinker." You are full of shit.

Yes, as more people use more of something, the price of that commodity goes up. Demand is up in America, but it is China and India that are driving prices up.

Yes, oil and gas companies made record profits, but their profit margins are not even in the top 10 industries. They make a lot of money due to volume, not margins. Sure, it's fun and easy to go after "Big Oil." In fact, the Congress is due to have hearings about executive compensation, as if that has any bearing on the situation. But that doesn't make it right.
Here's the thing.

Oil is up in large part because the world believes we have a lunatic in the white house. A person who is willing to lie without remorse and abuse our military in order to advance his political agenda. They happen to be right.

Michael Castle thinks that George Bush is doing a good job. Michael Castle thinks George Bush should STILL be in office, so yes - he is part of the problem.

Until Republicans (like you) begin to hold Bush accountable, and stop making excuses for him - you are part of the problem.

You need to hold him accountable by voting against Castle - otherwise your "loss of religion" is so much BS.
otherwise your "loss of religion" is so much BS.

You'll forgive me if I don't give a shit what you think of my opinions.

Oil is up in large part because the world believes we have a lunatic in the white house.

This is patently false. There is not one ounce of truth in that statement.

I will accept that the Iraq war and the Iran nuclear threat have a small effect on oil futures, not nearly as much as demand does.

It is demand, plain and simple. More people want a finite resource. It becomes more valuable. That is high school economics.

You're just wrong on this one.

And it's not a reach that a Republican Congressman would believe that a Republican should still be President. It's actually juvenile and silly that you think otherwise.
You two really need to get a room.
Gas prices are up now for many reasons – oil prices are up on the world market because of the cartels that limit production from known reserves, rising demand worldwide, fear of Armageddon in spot markets, and a lot of refinery capacity offline because of Katrina and because of delayed maintenance while those that survived Katrina kept cranking. And on and on. Prices here are still way below what others in the world are paying.
But this is all a replay of what was clear in 1976, 1980, 1988 and 1996. It is just a matter of time before this fossil fuel dependency blows us up. And punching more holes in the ground is NOT going to properly provide for the future. It only will deprive us of a solution, and a future economic growth sector that can help drive another century of American prosperity.
We whine about $3 a gallon gas. We should be paying $4 with $1 tax going into research and development of a new alternative energy economy we can sell around the world. Only greed and selfishness can explain any policy that steers the nation in another direction. If we don’t move on it, the Chinese will. And then we’ll be buying fuel cells from them instead of cheap furniture and clothing.
Castle and Bush and Cheney and Biden and Kennedy are all part of the problem because they don’t have the tools to lead. If we don’t demand a coherent strategy to get off the oil habit, Jason’s kids and DT’s kids are going to be having the same fun 20 years on.
get a room!!! Willy you are my new hero...LOL
Anyway..I hate that the Wall Streeters fume and set prices on whims, on soft science, on psychological factors....that is sooooo easitly manipulated and very smart people know just what buttons to push...thank you very much Mr. Cheney and co.

All of this mid-east crisis (and axis of evil talk) has CREATED the ever high fluxuations in gasoline barrel value ergo the oil stockholders GET RICHER and now that Iran is the new Irag...we see another twenty dollar jump in barrel prices and then a good dollar more at the pump....Iran and the Bushie mantra of instability...
Question:who is it good for...
Answer: big oil
Question:who is it good for...
Answer: big oil

Wrong. Who is it good for?

Answer: OPEC
well DT its not as if OPEC and big oil are at odds...Cheney fetes the Saudis. He is first to confer and then Bush holds their hand, literally!

Please don't tell me you have not noticed what close, close ties weave the entities together.

Some think that the 70's gas crisis was a set-up by GOPer power=holders to jack up the dissatisfaction of the populace and redeem GOPerdum in the land....later gater Jimmie Carter.
I'm sure, Nance, that that scenario has about as much solid evidence behind it (as a Carter-ouster) as the vaunted "October Surprise"!!
"I'm sure, Nance, that that scenario has about as much solid evidence behind it (as a Carter-ouster) as the vaunted "October Surprise"!!"

Hearing Hube chide someone about "evidence" is utterly laughable since he has no compunction about accussing people of anti-Semiticism while citing NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER.

The press has consistently reported the reason why oil prices have spiked recently: the concern that Bush is going to attack Iran.

And who knows? Maybe Bush made the threat--"no options are off the table"...he said that in answer to a direct question about using a nuke against Iran--precisely to create the price spike we are experiencing now. Given how he loots the US Treasury for the sake of big corps, bending US foreign policy to stroke big corps is hardly a stretch.

So, yes, you can blame Bush for it.

But here is what will be a big killer for the Bush & the repubs this Nov. The coming hurricane season. Just wait till the imcompotence sets in once more. Bush might go down to single digits.

Hey, Hube, I'm still waiting for the statement that I supposedly made about hating Jews per se--all Jews. I've asked several times and you haven't provided it yet. Is that because it doesn't exist? Is that because you make implication about people that are utter lies?

Is that what you teach DE's children to do?
Somebody give Dana a nudge, his record is skipping.

Question: Who is it good for?
Answer: Dems in 2008, if you listen to Chuckie Schumer. He can barely contain his glee at the prospect of beating the GOP over the head with high gas prices, no matter what the cost to the people.

Willard Whyte gets close to the truth when he refers to the Katrina hangover effect on refinery capacity, but the truth is that we haven't built a new refinery in almost 30 years! I wonder whose fault that is, surely not Mike Castle's?
The oil companies did not build refineries because they CHOSE not to waste the money. They were making a bottom line cost analysis and that is pretty well known fact, Hube.
No one was stopping refineries and if big oil simply does not want to build environmentally sound manufacturing and GOPers want to blame this on the left and encourage global investment and not US investment...please take note that there is trouble ahead.

China's nasty treatment of and destruction of their environment has created a crisis in the rural lands there.

The Chinese powers-that-be are doing an about face. They had some half a million uprisings just last year and they had an environmental "incident" EVERY TWO DAYS last year......

Globalization and wealth investment in this mode will not be the answer for long. I and when the US voter should realize that the trickle-down economics "we" employ has meant that the rich are investing ELSEWHERE so that these tax breaks, US corporate tax breaks, are not benefiting the US voter in any real way beyond stockholder wealth, then perhaps the country vote DEM and will regain some balance, some leadership and WEALTH for ourselves..not the "same old GOPer" dearth of good jobs, the huge deficit and trade imbalance and war-mongering.

The imbalance created by the neo-cons in the last five is staggering...they are cutting human needs, the life-support on education, National Parks, you name it to nation build elsewhere..not much of a deal, huh.
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