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Saturday, April 22, 2006


Radical religious extremists

Your run-of-the-mill-wingnut Republican probably does not want to have The Constitution amended to include The Ten Commandments. However, the un-American and anti-American policies pursued George Bush (including "Nation Building" and waging pre-emptive war, transferring the cost of running the country from the wealthly to the worker) gives life and breath to this more extreme form of Republican insanity.

Ten Commandments Commission

To create a mechanism by which the Word of God can be restored in every aspect of society peacefully and without violation of the legal system.

I know - crazy. "The Word of God" was left out of our Constitution on purpose. The framers had this crazy idea that all religions could flourish and be free here. An American would know that. Sadly, the people we have in charge now have dispensed with being Americans - and should be referred to for what they are: Republicans.

god is good, great! and prayer helps us get by, but when it is all hijacked for political purposes, those folks should not expect to pass through the pearly gates!

the argument that black preachers have been using their position for political persuasion all along just begs that two wrongs do not make a right.
Oh Lordy, that is some funny shit! 10CC? I guess these guys were too busy listening to Pat Boone in the 70s to realize that 10CC was a British rock group, (The Things We Do for Love) and that the name refers to the amount of semen in the average the Lovin' Spoonful. Too funny for words.
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