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Monday, April 03, 2006



As much as I'd like Republicans to dissolve the party out of shame for how they have trashed this country, they probably will continue to run candidates for office. Given that sad fact of life, I'm going to have to take a look at the crumb-bums and losers running for the Republican nomination for President of the United States. The first guy is the guy who will probably win the nomination: John McCain.

I liked McCain once. I thought he was the "straight talker" that I could cross party lines to vote for. Alas and alack, he turned out to be just another lowlife Republican politician. There are a lot of reasons to dislike McCain, so I'll pick one. He is the Joe Lieberman of Republicans. That is not to say that he is a Democrat, far from it. It means he is the trophy bride for Democratic "reformers" who want to appear to be "bipartisan". Matt Stoller at MYDD puts it well.

...why is it that John McCain is so beloved? Well, one reason is that he has a lot of allies on the left, allies such as Common Cause, Democracy 21, and a whole host of 'reformer' groups interested in small process issues that find him useful as bipartisan arm candy. For these groups, McCain is an easy ticket to bipartisanship. These groups promote John McCain, because promoting him means promoting their image as bipartisan reformers. This raises his numbers among liberals who tend to like good government groups.

Like so many Republicans McCain is a fraud wrapped in a scam.

Next up: Bill Frist

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