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Saturday, April 22, 2006


John Kowalko to Announce Run for 25th District Rep

Newark resident and community activist John Kowalko will announce his candidacy for State Representative in the 25th District on Monday, April 24th at 5pm at the Newark Senior Center, 200 White Chapel Drive in Newark.

Kowalko says: "I don't believe the interests of the public and the district have been fairly served by the incumbent and in fact those interests have often been ignored. I will bring the voice of the people to Dover and address their needs with a responsible, well-informed, committed approach to legislating."

John has got an uphill fight against Stephanie Ulbrich the incumbent*. However, he picked up 42% as a total greenhorn last time out. With his campaign experience with, the GOP in disaray, and registrations in the 25th favoring Democrats (4,160 to 3,350) you have to consider this (at least) a toss-up right now.

* For more on the gullible Ms. Ulbrich click here.

I wanted to be there but have a county comp plan update future land use meeting at that time.

John Kowalko Announces his Run for Representative in the 25th District

Newark Senior Center

Apr 24 starts at 5:00 pm
Lt. Governor John Carney, State Treasurer Jack Markell, and Insurance Commissioner Matt Denn cordially invite you to John Kowalko's announcement for his candidacy. For more information, please contact State Party HQ at (302) 328-9036.

Yeah. Sounds real "anti-establishment" to me. Yeah, sure. There's no way he's a DIP-er, 'cause if he was, he'd have all the establishment types at his announcement. Wait...he does. Same old, same old.
I saw John tonight and he admits his strong union following and party backing was out in force....even Paul Clark was there tonight........ouch!

He is going to have to run on his own strengths (you can't be an incumbent before holding office, DT, nice try) and point out where Ulbrich gets her campaign cash...and where her votes have been going. Special interests: DIP.
The DIP has little to do with incumbency. It is the "Delaware Way," a collaboration of business, unions, the two political parties and long-serving legislators who do things a certain way, and indoctrinate new members into that system. When you trot out the establishment politicians and the unions for your announcement, it shows me that you will be a card-carrying member of the DIP from the moment you enter the doors of legislative hall. Kowalko is no different than any other Delaware pol.
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